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If I haven't offended you yet I'll be happy to get right on it Off is how I wish for you to buzz
You're not playing with a full deck. You're a jack off I have no plans to be careful what I wish for
Funny, I don't recall asking for your opinion Just be glad I'm not twins
If I had a damn I'm pretty sure I wouldn't give it right now There's someone for everyone. For you, I recommend a psychiatrist
Admitting past mistakes is never easy, so I don't Do I get bonus points if I act like I care?
Laugh at your problems, everybody else does I'm not too old, you're music just sucks
You're not as fascinating as you once appeared -Stewie I'm not playing hard-to-get I'm playing easy-to-leave-me-the-hell-alone
It's your fault that I blame everyone else for my problems You really should put more time into forming your opinions
I'm not 100% in love with your tone right now I find your illogical arguments curious. -Mr. Spock
Everyone you meet has a story. That's why I never go out Get to the part where I lose my temper
I’m not conceited but I have every right to be There are two types of people. I don’t like either of them
The first rule of business: Stay out of mine Attempting to care  Please wait
I see you've got on your new crankypants I really value your opinions tht you keep to yourself
I’m the best thing that happened in the 90s Be reasonable. Do it my way
I am not sarcastic when I’m asleep Keep talking, I’m diagnosing you
I would be a people person except… people You can’t please everyone but I’m 100% at ticking them off
How long are you going to abuse our patience? No need to repeat yourself I still won’t be listening
I've upped my standards now, up yours You’re either on my side or in my way
Am I perfect? No. But do I strive each day to be better? Also no. Guess what else is gluten free: Shutting up
Good Morning (I mean go away) If at first you don’t succeed, I told you so!
You can’t please everyone so just concentrate on me I’m nice when I want to be. So far, haven’t wanted to
No, you’re right, let’s do it the stupidest way possible If you think I’m short wait till you see my patience
I would explain it to you but I don’t have the time. Or the crayons If I don’t tell you, how will you know you’re wrong?
You have a very confident grasp of your misinformation Please cancel my subscription to your issues
There are two types of people in the world. Avoid them You say bad, I say epic
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