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Attempting to care  Please wait You have a very confident grasp of your misinformation
Get to the part where I lose my temper I would be a people person except… people
I've upped my standards now, up yours Please try harder to be smarter
Sorry to interrupt your story but it inspires me to start telling this one about me Hi. I don’t care. Thanks.
I googled your symptoms, turns out you’re a jerk So what if I’m wrong? I can yell louder than you
Eeww, people I see you've got on your new crankypants
Be reasonable. Do it my way Everyone you meet has a story. That's why I never go out
Yes, my opinions are verified as correct Don’t expect mere proof to sway my opinion
There are two types of people. I don’t like either of them Don’t expect mere proof to sway my opinion
Keep talking, I’m diagnosing you I really value your opinions tht you keep to yourself
The first rule of business: Stay out of mine Someday you’ll go far and I’d like it to be today
I’m not conceited but I have every right to be How long are you going to abuse our patience?
If you think I’m short wait till you see my patience I’m the best thing that happened in the 90s
I am not sarcastic when I’m asleep You’re either on my side or in my way
I have selective hearing. Sorry, you were not selected FYI IDC
I don’t have all day No need to repeat yourself I still won’t be listening
If at first you don’t succeed, I told you so! Little known fact: you can do a  thing without telling everyone about it
No, you’re right, let’s do it the stupidest way possible Don’t be a jerk There, now I’m your life coach
Good Morning (I mean go away) You can’t please everyone so just concentrate on me
I’m nice when I want to be. So far, haven’t wanted to Guess what else is gluten free: Shutting up
You can’t please everyone but I’m 100% at ticking them off If I don’t tell you, how will you know you’re wrong?
You say bad, I say epic I’d interrupt less if you were more interesting
You can stop talking now I already don’t care I would explain it to you but I don’t have the time. Or the crayons
Please cancel my subscription to your issues I'd say your hamster has departed your wheel
There are two types of people in the world. Avoid them Don’t give me your crappy attitude I’ve already got one
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