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Gone viral, back in 15 minutes Is that true or did you just read it on the internet?
When I was your age, the Internet was called Books The Internet, where spelling goes to die
If you ban me again I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine Share if you hate all those posts that tell you to "share this if..."
Sometimes I think I'm the only one here over 15 I left my dignity on the Internet
Keep the Internet zombie free I can't go to bed, stuff's happening on the Internet!
Don't be fooled! If it says copy and paste don't share, don't do either On the Internet nobody can put you in a sleeper hold
I use Facebook mostly to complain about new features on Facebook Reason I prefer the Internet #62: No awkward hugs
That moment you finally get sick of that "that moment" meme If you wanted to insult the Amish on the Internet you could because they would never see it
Stop inviting me to events! You're ruining the Internet
I would friend you but I'd rather skip the mortifying regret Quitting Facebook is like running away from home
you're doing it for attention and we all know you'll be back
Using all caps makes me more persuasive! What doesn't kill you only makes you whine on Facebook
This place is like family, in that we argue a lot and don't like being around each other No trolls
Facebook is a fun way to find out how far short of their dreams your high school friends landed Voicemail messages are the new MySpace
There is no adequate emoji for this particular moment Online dating is a trap. They actually want to meet!
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