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When I was a kid my social network was called "outside" Twitter gives me hope that someday all communication will be bumpersticker length
I'm not this nice in person The Internet, where spelling goes to die
I use Facebook mostly to complain about new features on Facebook Social Justice Warriors... ENRAGE!!
I'm so going to blog this Everyone has problems, not all of us post them on Facebook
I see by the length of your Facebook post that you are passionate about an issue on which you are utterly ill-informed Does the voicemail at Twitter say hashtag key instead of pound key?
It ain't broke, don't fix it. Save Net Neutrality So you want to argue? Fine. My caps lock is READY
You know you're old when you need a scanner to post TBT photos Load virus on this device
We could take care of climate change and our energy needs if we could just turn Internet comments into electricity What doesn't kill you only makes you whine on Facebook
Reason I prefer the Internet #49: Can't hear anyone chew I need an emoticon for Resting Bitch Face
OK, just one more level Who are you people and how did you get on my internet?
If you can read this you have internet access What if those online personality quizzes are wrong about us?
I try to stay uninvolved in people's Facebook lives... and their real ones Home is anywhere my wi-fi connects automatically
Simple cures for most tech problems: 1.Restart device 2.Don't be an idiot This Sticker has been flagged for removal
I'm giving up Facebook for good. From here on I'm using it for evil Click like if you hate when posts ask for likes
Too bad the people with solutions to all the world's problems stay home and just post comments on the Internet I got off of Twitter because I sensed I was being followed
Here's a rumor that probably isn't true, pass it on! _The Internet Offended? Just scroll on
If Twitter dumps its 140-character limit can we give it to Facebook? Online dating might be fun if I didn't have to go out on actual dates
Just because I'm not posting doesn't mean I'm not watching Reason I prefer the Internet #27: No farts
Don't be fooled! If it says copy and paste don't share, don't do either I must go, for I see someone on the Internet is incorrect and I must admonish them posthaste and with authority!
Alcohol increases the size of the send button by 48% 92% of LOLs are fake
Welcome to the Internet, Pants Optional Ooops, your Sticker has been encrypted! To decrypt send $50 worth of bitcoin to this address: 772p8MRsdd7E442X33pyT9hT
By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you blocked and deleted You morons should stop insulting strangers on the Internet
There are monkey fights at the zoo more civil than some Facebook threads Warning: This thread has been oversaturated with sactimonious tedium
Twitter is the street corner where that guy stands shouting angry, unintelligible babble IDK, Google it!
Sorry, your ISP has restructed your access to this content (Save Net Neutrality) Reason I prefer the Internet #43 No perfumes, no colognes
Sure, ask the Internet for advice. What could go wrong? Act now to Save net neutrality
What if every road was a toll road? Cable companies running the Internet?
Imagine only Chevys could use the fast lane Damn you, buffering!!
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