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I’m never too busy to complain I’m too busy My plan B is to keep trying my plan A until it works
I enjoy going out at night and by out I mean to sleep I’m not against it. But I’m not for it
I’m somewhere between IDK, IDC and IDGAF Those are not typos those are my fresh takes
My favorite workout combines a lunge and a crunch. I call it Lunch Financially, I'm set for life provided I die next week
Karen is my homeboy Strongly agree
I was socially distant before it was a thing On the bright side, Coronavirus is helping me feel better about my agoraphobia
I am a cycologist (bicycle) I have no faith in science. It requires none
I think I've forgotten how handshakes work I’ve said too much already
I'm so lucky thought bubbles aren't real Your car won’t impress me unless it’s a taco truck
I miss the days when I could make my parents around just by taking a long nap I avoid frivolous spending by using all my money for rent
I blame the pandemic I’m committed to getting in shape as soon as there’s an effort-free way
I can’t imagine being hungry enough to eat my own cooking
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