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I don't go out much because I'm broke but when I'm rich I'll need a new excuse My favorite way to exercise is not to
I love snow I came. I saw. I left early.
It’s possible my soulmate might be coffee I follow the advice I once saw on a fabric label: DO NOT IRON
I'm not usually one for statements so, goodbye My dad can beat up your dad
I love the smell of possibility in the morning I'm not upset about finding my first grey hair - it was in my burrito
My favorite salad is tomatoes made into sauce on a pepperoni pizza Relax, gringo, I'm legal
I leave early I'm well above average but in nothing I'm willing to admit
In dog beers, I've had one My other ride is a Yoshi
I used to be cool. True story. I am the 99%
I plan to stay in tonight and all the nights I was an honor student, I don’t know what happened
I’m a solid 10 (personality: 6, face: 4) At least i’m not as lazy as whoever named the fireplace
I’m never too busy to complain I’m too busy
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