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Exclamations, page 1 | 2
Coffee Now! Mmwhahaha!
excellent OMYGOD! I can't believe I forgot to have children!
Fail oy!
God grant me patience. NOW! woot!
Frodo Lives! Oh, snap!
Anime is life Well beat me senseless and call me happy
Nope, not today Poo Poo Occurs
Party on, dudes! -Gandhi meh
Make it stop I know!!
Sith happens Awesomely Awesome
Booyah! bite me!
Freckles are HOT Not listening!
Yabba Yabba Yabba Sorry, not sorry
Bazinga! Akk Akk
mutants rule! Flippin' sweet!
You wish! sheeesh!
And now we make party! I know, I know. I'm fabulous
Tis but a scratch Awright, awright, awright
WTF? I'm so happy I could poop a rainbow
I don't get it whatever
Shibby! LGBTerrific!
Ninja, please! Bwaaah! -Rabbid
Giggidy giggidy giggidy Yay!
Derp I'm appalled!
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