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Ask me Time to work harder
Fund libraries not bailouts Think outside the Fox
Come to the light side, we have health care Stop worrying what people think of you. Most of them don't
If you can't say something nice say it loud enough so I can hear Stay in line
Don't tax the rich, tax the poor, there are more of them Dial it back, people!
Love thy neighbor as thyself -Leviticus, 19:18 Alright, everyone, let's bring it down a notch
Improve your phone's battery life: Put the damn thing down sometimes Reject Greed
More sleep, less Proust Try Placebo, Proven effective in 30-40% of cases
No More Hurting People Peace -Martin Richard  2005-2013 Ask your doctor if medical advice from a TV ad is right for you
Leave it in bliss Everyone, please! Stop driving me crazy! I can walk from here
Always try to be a little kinder than necessary Organize
Finish It Give everyone a fair chance
Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle Always carry a little crazy with you, you never know when you'll need it
Dear science, please work on swapping alcohol’s effect on brain cells and fat cells Don't hate
Enjoy organic food Or as your grandparents called it: food Dance like the picture won't be tagged
Persist If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it
If you leave me a voicemail please text me what it says somebody pamper me
Think globally. Act locally. Be good but if you can't be good, call me
Wake me up when I'm famous Follow your dreams. Except that one where you're at school in your underwear
Be good to those who are good to you If you can't say something nice at least make it funny
Be kind, especially when you least feel like it I'm not good with hints. Say what you mean
Dance like no one is watching. Cuz they aren't. They're staring at their phones
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