Here are answers to some of the most-asked questions. If you have a different question, ask us here.

Q. Are these real stickers and how do I get them?

A. Internet Bumper Stickers® are electronic images for your computer, phone or other device. There's nothing real about them.

Q. Are they really FREE? How about if I want to use a lot of them on my blog or web site?

A. Yes, free. If you want to use a lot of Stickers, just do what it says here.

Q. Do you have a page of just the newest Stickers?

A. New Stickers go on the Front Bumper. Clicking a Sticker on the Front Bumper will take you to its category page.

Q. Where do the Stickers go when they move off of the Front Bumper?

A. New Stickers go up in two places: their category page and at the top of the Front Bumper. Stickers move down the Front Bumper as newer Stickers arrive, until they're pushed off. On category pages, Stickers are added at the end of the category and stay there permanently.

Q. I used the Sticker Randomizer code just like it said but it isn't working on my page. What's wrong?

A. The Sticker Randomizer is a javascript, and some sites don't allow users to have javascripts on their pages, and disable it from functioning. Even if you paste the javascript code properly, it won't work.

Q. When I click on the Fortune Cookie link –– either the drop down menu or a banner –– no Fortune Cookie shows up. How come?

A. You probably have pop-ups disabled in your browser. Fortune Cookies open in a new window. Enable pop-ups and it should work fine.

Q. I wanted to suggest an Internet Bumper Sticker® for you to make but I didn't think it up myself. Is that OK?

A. Sure, who has time to think these days?

Q. Do you have a Twitter?

A. Our Twitter is here.

Q. Some of your Stickers don't make any sense to me. I asked a friend, and he didn't understand them either. How come?

A. No idea. We've never met your friend.

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