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Halloween For Halloween I'm wearing my Resting Witch Face
I'm dressing like Walmart for Halloween: half in Christmas merchandise My scary Halloween costume will be a phone battery at 2%
This Halloween please wear pants Boo Yah!
Let's get sheetfaced Got Candy?
I put more thought into my Halloween costume than in funding my retirement How about I come over and carve your pumpkin?
Fun size is not even mildly amusing Great minds taste alike
For Halloween I'm going as a serial killer: Bacon I’m spending a lot of time thinking how disappointed I’ll be when I make my last-minute Halloween costume
What's under YOUR bed? Halloween. How cute.
I know Halloween's coming because the stores are putting up Christmas decorations What do we want? Brains! When do we want it? Brains!
A Halloween costume is the most effort I ever put into how I dress For Halloween I'm going as a hipster dressed as someone who isn't a hipster
Happy Halloween? Such a limited imagination! Zombie crossing
Strangers candy is the sweetest Happy Halloween
Have a nice Halloween! Anybody know a hipster I can borrow clothes from for my hobo costume?
Happy Halloween May the witches be kind to you this Hallows' Eve
WWJD? Jason Attention zombies: this human contains no brains
Stick it! So... goin' Trick-or-Treating? As what, "Angry Blogger?"
Mmmm, Halloween Jehovah's Witnesses don't do Halloween They don't like strangers knocking on their door
For Halloween I'm going as a soulless brain dead wretch. I got the idea at the office Halloween bites
Samhain What wine goes best with Halloween candy?
Witch Parking Only. All others will be toad (Freddy Krueger)
Something wicked this way comes I love Trick-or-Treaters
For Halloween I’m going as the skinniest I’ll be until next year Halloween: A bloody good time
Trust me, too much candy isn't good How do I find out if I'm too cool to dress up for Halloween?
Halloween Keep Calm and Scary On
Witch better have my candy I want to be a ghost for Halloween so I better get my sheet together
Happy Halloween Halloween is my Christmas
Eat, Drink and be Scary Let's put a smile on that face -The Joker
Corny Halloween Sticker (candy corn) Vegan zombies want grrraaaaains
Impressive how much thought you put into your Halloween costume instead of your life decisions I'm here for the boos
For every piece of Halloween candy I don’t eat I reward myself with a piece of Halloween candy For Halloween I’m going as the ghost of when everything was OK
Please excuse any typos. I'm not used to the new straightjacket
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