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Felicem Diem Valentini Happy Valentine's Day
Mihi ignosce credo me insequentem esse Excuse me, I believe I'm next
Non timebo mala I will fear no evil
Mea braccae sunt igni My pants are on fire
Amor vincit omnia Love conquers all
Veritas lux mea Truth is my light
Humana cuncta sic vana Thus are all human things futile
Ridiculum non sum I'm not weird
Alea iacta est The die is cast
Nolle timere Don't be afraid
Cum tacent clamant When they are silent, they cry out
Caput tuum in ano est You have your head up your ass
Id cape aut id relinque Take it or leave it
Braccae tuae aperiuntur Your fly is open
Pedo ergo sum I fart therefore I am
Gaudeo quod non fuerit admissionis I'm glad I didn't pay admission for this
Vivant linguae mortuae Long live dead languages
Sumus quod sumus We are what we are
Balaenae nobis conservandae sunt Save the whales
Tuos iube meis dicere Have your people talk to my people
Vestis virum reddit The clothes make the man
Cur non isti mictum ex occasione Why didn't you go when you had the chance?
Ad venatum vadamus Let's cut to the chase
Si metrum non habet non est poema If it doesn't rhyme it isn't a poem
Nemo posuit infantem in caput anguli Nobody puts baby in the corner
Aude stipes Dare to be a log
Hoc ei propinabo I'll drink to that
Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis You do not know the power of the dark side
Pulcher es You're beautiful
fautor tuus maximus sum I'm your biggest fan
Nullus est instar domus There is no place like home
Ad domum adligaris You're grounded
Decepti sunt vobis You are being deceived
hoc mihi magis quam tibi nocet This hurts me more than it hurts you
Noli ludere alimento Don't play with your food
Quaere verum Seek the truth
Errare humanum est To err is human
Laborare non amo I do not like to work
Rumores volant Rumors fly
Ubi mel ibi apes Where there is honey there are bees
Semper annus alter erit There’s always next year
Ex nihilo nihil fit Nothing comes from nothing
Tempus meum tero I’m wasting my time
Id imperfectum manet dum confectum erit It ain’t over until it’s over
Vita brevis Life is short
Aut disce aut discede Either learn or leave
(Thanks to Henry Beard's Latin for All Occasions which inspired this category)
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