Valentine's Day

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I hope you (or someone equivalent or better) will be my Valentine Happy Valentine's Day
I love you When we love, we strive to become better than we are
For Valentine's Day I'm giving you one day of me not complaining about Valentine's Day I love my boyfriend
Give a Valentine diamond, because money equals love I'm going to fill your Valentine's Day with all of the things people are giving up for Lent
Be my valentine It's not too late to get decent dinner reservations for Valentine's Day next year
It surprises me how not sick of you I am je t` aime
Love, like a river, makes its way past any obstacle I'd sooner go into a coma than a card shop on Feb 13th
Moaning on Facebook about being alone on Valentine's Day is a big reason you're alone on Valentine's Day Happy Single Awareness Day. I'm single. Now you're aware.
How I'm spending my Valentine's Day: Solo
Te amo People who are sensible about love are incapable of it. -Douglas Yates
I love you more than cat videos Be mine
Valentine's Day is for losers The only good thing about Valentine's Day is the chocolate
Happy Valentine's Day. Give me the chocolate and nobody gets hurt Oh swell, Valentine's Day. I'm giddy with synthetic emotion
Love is like an hourglass; the heart fills up as the brain empties -Jules Renard Valentine's Day: reach out and touch someone someplace special
If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular Techihhila
Be with the one who hears the words you leave unspoken Happy VD
Love is friendship set on fire. -French Proverb You make me feel as though a naked, chubby, winged baby shot me with an arrow
Life is the flower for which love is the honey. -Victor Hugo Valentine's Day. If we ignore it, maybe it will go away
He gave us Valentine's Day, but the good news is St. Valentine ended up beaten and beheaded Love is not a decision
Ich liebe dich I all-caps love you!
I love you blah blah hearts and flowers yadda yadda cupid etc. Lovers are lunatics
This Valentine's Day give her an ear Love is being stupid together
Love may not make the world go round but it sure makes the ride more fun I bear-ly love you
Be my Valentine or I'll cut your heart out Ik hou van jou
Roses are #FFOOO, Violets are #0000FF, All my base are belong to you It's not stalking if I love you
Valentine's Day, because romance needs more pressure For Valentine's Day I'm going to let the voice on my GPS take me someplace special
I hope you'll approve my stimulus package this Valentine's Day I carefully plan my romantic spontaneity for the same February day each year
If I complimented your figure would you hold it against me? Lloyd Dobler does not exist
Love isn't in how you feel abouty someone, it's in how they make you feel about yourself got chocolate?
A good marriage keeps the fights clean and the sex dirty I'm celebrating not having to celebrate Valentine's Day
Ja cie kocham I love you just the way I am
Love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies -Aristotle Felicem Diem Valentini (Happy Valentine's Day)
Happy Valentine's Day from a secret admirer who really exists and isn't just you giving this to yourself Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate Valentine's Day and rhymes
Roses are red, violets are blue, Be my Valentine, you're likely the best I can do Happy Valentine's Day to my purrrfect match
I don't always want a Valentine but when I do, I want you Love means never having to clear your browser history
You can suffer without love but you can't love without suffering -German proverb S'ayapo
Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them Every day is Valentine's Day if you ignore Valentine's Day
No matter where I am, the only place I want to be is closer to you If anyone needs a date for Valentine's Day, it's the 14th of February
Happy corporate-endorsed love-themed merchandising day This Valentine's Day I'm going to express my love in whatever way Facebook happens to offer
You complete me like autocorrect Be my Precious -Gollum
I'm saving money this Valentine's Day because I switched to single Make Valentine's Day good, be bad
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