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This site is listed on the National Register of Historic Web Sites This Web Site is voice activated
Restroom for website customers only
This website made with 100% real cheese Wow, I get to write a blog and get insulting comments!
This Website contains 100% recycled ideas
WARNING This Web site contains material which may cause thinking
This website looks best when viewed on company time This Website best if used by Jun 4 1998
The electrons comprising this website conform to all applicable laws of nature This is a fully automated self-service website
Public Web Site shower before entering This Website inspected by No. 29
This web site assembled by unpaid child labor You have reached the end of the Internet Please turn your browser around
This website is dishwasher safe This Website is Dolphin Safe
Please do not bring food or beverages into the website
This website is patrolled 24 hours This Web site is clothing optional
No trees were destroyed to make this website This Website full of old-timey goodness
This Website protected by Klingon Security Stand Clear Radioactive Website
This web site is available for parties This Web site for outdoor use only
Warning: Due to its content, this Website should not be viewed by anyone
Thank you for not smoking at this website
This site powered by geeks Please! No flash photography in the Website
No littering at this Website NOTICE It is illegal to use a handheld cellphone while operating this Website in the State of New York
This website is not UNDER CONSTRUCTION you're looking at my best shot Don't pimp your blog here
NOTICE: Webmaster carries less than $20 in cash Do not operate any electronic equipment while accessing this website
This web site runs on a Commodore 64
This web site under surveillance Do not taunt the Webmaster
My life is not as glamorous as this website makes it appear
HTML incompetence ahead Please, no loud noise at this website after 11:00 pm
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