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Is that true or did you just read it on the internet? Life is short, spend it arguing with strangers on the Internet
I only use social media to complain about social media There is no adequate emoji for this particular moment
On the Internet nobody can put you in a sleeper hold Voicemail messages are the new MySpace
No trolls A true friend only posts photos you both look good in
Facebook is one big party with the host in the back room going through the coats and purses Keep the Internet zombie free
Reason I prefer the Internet #62: No awkward hugs I left my dignity on the Internet
Friends don't let friends post drunk Facebook is a fun way to find out how far short of their dreams your high school friends landed
Online dating is a trap. They actually want to meet! Truth, lies & facebook ads
No, thank you, I do not wish to share your screen Threads like this are why they invented the Internet!
Google autofill is my current events hotline Zoom should fade-in “time’s up” music when someone talks too long
Instant-philosopher: just add twitter Don't spread likes. Verify before you share-ify
Social media helps me pretend I’m interested in things! I wonder if Tom from MySpace is doing ok
I have a simple question that can be answered on Google so I guess I’ll ask it on Facebook
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