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I’m never too busy to complain I’m too busy My plan B is to keep trying my plan A until it works
Financially, I'm set for life provided I die next week I’m somewhere between IDK, IDC and IDGAF
I’ve said too much already Strongly agree
My favorite workout combines a lunge and a crunch. I call it Lunch I’m not against it. But I’m not for it
Karen is my homeboy I avoid frivolous spending by using all my money for rent
I’m committed to getting in shape as soon as there’s an effort-free way I have no faith in science. It requires none
I am a cycologist (bicycle) I was socially distant before it was a thing
I miss the days when I could make my parents around just by taking a long nap I think I've forgotten how handshakes work
I'm so lucky thought bubbles aren't real If I have nothing accomplished by 2pm I roll over and go back to sleep
Your car won’t impress me unless it’s a taco truck I blame the pandemic
I’m still not going on an airplane. I can’t afford the ride to the airport Fully vaccinated Still antisocial
My superpower is picking the slowest grocery store line I don’t always whoop but when I do, there it is
I love family vacations. Even a weekend away from the family is great My remaining get-rich-quick schemes all include time travel
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