Exclamations, page 1 | 2
Coffee Now! Mmwhahaha!
excellent Make it stop
Fail oy!
woot! Poo Poo Occurs
Frodo Lives! Oh, snap!
Anime is life Well beat me senseless and call me happy
Tis but a scratch meh
Booyah! Party on, dudes! -Gandhi
Nobody puts baby in the corner! OMYGOD! I can't believe I forgot to have children!
Sith happens Awright, awright, awright
Freckles are HOT Not listening!
Bazinga! Awesomely Awesome
Yabba Yabba Yabba I know!!
I know, I know. I'm fabulous Akk Akk
And now we make party! Flippin' sweet!
You wish! sheeesh!
Wait. I'm thinking. Hipsta, please
mutants rule! Bwaaah! -Rabbid
WTF? Euphoria now!
I don't get it I'm so happy I could poop a rainbow
Shibby! whatever
Ninja, please! Yay!
Giggidy giggidy giggidy Hurry up, inner peace, I don't have all day!
Derp I'm appalled!
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