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Take my advice! I'm not using it Dare to be naive -R. Buckminster Fuller
Relax. Crazy isn’t a competition Kindness is free so use it with everything
Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. End of discussion Be like bigfoot stay out of sight
(bee) Happy End tipping. Pay a living wage
Try civility Realize real lies
Please peddle your scare tactics elsewhere Edit ruthlessly
Make someone happy, mind your own darn business Time to rethink everything
Now would be a good time lower your expectations Be kind, it confuses people
change is good, you go first Bring back the hippies
It’s not a chin hammock Pull your mask up over your nose Deny everything, admit nothing, make counter-accusations
Stop assuming you’re right Get lost (cabin, trees)
Let's get crazy!! And by crazy I mean lunch Live each day as if it were your last (but pay bills and stuff just in case)
Trust those who like big butts. They cannot lie Conquer your demons or they will conquer you
Always have a Plan B (empty toilet paper roll) Listen more, talk less. No one’s ears ever got them in trouble
Just be nice Make good choices today for they will be your regrets of tomorrow
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