First Prize



in a fight between
macgyver and chuck norris
jack bauer would win

Second Prize

Raquel Miller

american girl
these colors don't run the world
enough! peace dammit!

Third Prize

Tina Brooks


Customer service...
It's a pleasure to serve you
I'm not your monkey!!


First Prize

Eileen Jarvic

Even If Your Voice Shakes

You must be the change
 You wish to see in the world
  There is no easy way
All that is necessary
 For evil to succeed
  Is that good men do nothing
Silence is compliance
 We are slaves when we
  Fear to speak
Be heard
 Speak your mind
  Even if your voice shakes
Fear is temporary
 Regret is forever
  Speak your mind

Even if your voice shakes

Second Prize

Gwen Pierce


I wonder what it's like
To be a slice of cheese.
Emotionally detached,
Blissfully unaware.

Third Prize

muse of the wrong


be notorious
evil doer, punk 4 life
bitter dissident

Runners Up

Amy Lee


Patience comes to those who wait.
Clones are people two.
Old too soon, smart too late.
Men have feelings too.
(Just kidding)

Scott Williams

My Spoon

My spoon
is too big
Don't believe
you think
There is
no spoon


First Prize

Amanda Cann

Give Peace a Chance

So much fighting
will it never end?
Give peace a chance

You cannot wash away blood
with more blood
Give peace a chance

An eye for an eye
will make the whole world blind
Give peace a chance

There is no way to peace
peace is the way
One planet
One people
Give peace a chance

Second Prize

Steve Evans

God is...

God is
Gay by birth fabulous by choice
Proud to be blue collar

God is
High on life and glue
Rude crude and tattooed

God is
Spoiled rotten
Fashion victim
Harry Potter

God is
Raised by elves
Bites when provoked
Heavily medicated for your protection

God is
Emotionally unprepared
Emotionally detached
Cute but psycho

Third Prize

Rob Levitt

Go Away

Good morning,
Internet junkie
how may I ignore you today?
Self-absorbed poser,
you are pathetically
You post
you spam.
Blah, blah, blah.
Do they ever shut up
on your planet?
Who broke your
capslock key?
is not
an argument...
get a grip!
you should go to eBay
and buy a clue.
Gimme a break.
Log off!

Runners Up

Gabi, a.k.a. Lady Joe


I'm the kind of person
my parents want me to stay away from.
I'm one of those bad things that happens to
good people.
I steal at work
I talk to strangers
I bring nothing to the table
I can resist everything except temptation.
(Oscar Wilde)
I never apologize.
I'm sorry, but that's just how I am.
Yes, I am an agent of Satan
but my duties are largely ceremonial.
I blame society. I am the voices.
I'm part of the problem.

Sarah Davis

Internet Kid

Internet junkie
Cyber hottie
I've got a modem
And I'm not afraid to use it.

Had a life
Got a modem
The internet
Makes a sucky job less sucky.

Born to chat
Born to post
Bow before me
For I am root!


First Prize

Kelsey Farnell

My Life

I hate my life,
And my life hates me.

I steal at work,
I'm happy in the pants,
I'm no sell out,
But I'd love the chance.

I do bad things,
(I'm the good kind of bad.)
I'm thinking of making low self esteem a fad.

I don't do perky,
I don't do requests,
I think therefore I am depressed.

I like toast,
I like glue,
I'm not myself today, maybe I'm you

Second Prize

Kimberley Chandler

This message will not be repeated

Imagine no order. Chaos.
Imagine the future doesn't need us.
When no one trusts, does it matter that everyone lies?

The lovers, the dreamers and me, we will not obey troubled youth.
I know what’s best for you. I'll not stop.
Am I the last sane person here?

You non-conformists are all alike:
Thought criminal, obsequious minion,
Don't believe everything you think.

Beware of dogma.
Simplify. elevate. grow.
Doubt everything.

Life happens. There is no easy way.

Second Prize


Stop Pretending

What would Buffy do?
What would Gandalf do?
What would Xena do?
What would Neo do?

I think it's time
to consult
the oracle.

Be yourself.
Imitation is


First Prize

Ann Moore

American Haiku

American girl
A balanced diet is a cookie
In each hand fat happens

Second Prize

Brent Sheppard

If Bathroom Scales Could Talk

Elastic is your friend?
Chocolate fixes everything?
Enough fig jam?
You're icky. Stop pretending.
Mirrors don't lie
and lucky for you, they don't laugh.
I don't care if you're offended.
Get over it.
Done whining cheese goddess?
OK, time for plan B.
There is no easy way.
Examine your beliefs.
Do Better.
Play Soccer.
Baked not fried.
Shut up and dance.
You can get there from here.
We can do it.

Second Prize

Brianna Symms

I Blame Society

No one really listens
to anyone else,
and if you try it for a while
you'll see why.

Old too soon.
Smart too late.
Don't believe
everything you think.

Is this really happening?

I blame society.