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I want a job as karma's hit man I wish eye-rolling burned more calories
I want a Google that helps me search for things in my house When I grow up I wanna be something or other
I plan to start a diet next week. So far, so good I'd rather be sleeping
Thanks for the advice but what I really need are minions There should be a benefit concert to help put an end to benefit concerts
Someday i hope i invent something and get rich I wish I was a thin as my patience
I'd help the homeless but I don't know where they live I want a Fairy Godmother
I'm trying to get my weight down to the level of my self-esteem I would like to move to a smarter planet
Give me the coffee to change the things I can and the wine to accept the things I cannot I would like to buy a vowel
I'd like to wake up now I need some way to remind myself to make a To-Do list
More pageantry, please When i grow up i want to be an internet predator
My goal weight is roughly three Olympic gymnasts I wish I had back all the money I've spent on video games so I could buy new video games
I want it all and I want it delivered If I could be good at just one thing I would choose everything
I'd like to have a sex change ... from none to a lot I need a skip-the-Gym-Buddy
If I could pick a super power I'd take the ability to stop eating when I'm full
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