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Am I self centered or is it just me? Is there ever a bad time for pudding?
What manner of douchebaggery is this? Why do you think they call it programming?
How bad does it have to get before you do something? What makes you think I'm Canadian, eh?
What would Brian Boitano do? What if I don't want to get a life?
Who are you to tell me to question authority?! Why did I have to miss the 60s?!
Why be normal? What would Ripley do?
Who Wants Jelly Donuts? If you were shipwrecked on an island with only one other person how would you cook them?
Got energon? Wanna Hakuna m' tatas?
Why can't a chicken cross the road without its motive being questioned? If someone steals my identity they have to pay off my college loans, right?
Why limit happy hour to an hour? Has everyone's TV begun whispering secret instructions to them or just mine?
Welcome to the Dark Side. Are you here for the cookies? What would Phil Dunphy do?
Whut? Why can't cameras and mirrors just agree on what I look like?
Why does a phone ring so short when you run to answer it and so long when you ignore it? If matter is mostly composed of empty space, what explains heavy things?
What do you mean you want your country back? But why?
Are we having fun yet? Do teenagers say things like totes and def to save tiime for big accomplishments later in the day?
What would House do? Who decided that a small anything is fun size?
Why Throwback Thursday? I'd rather throw back Monday Has anyone seen Waldo? I'm starting to get worried
Is this a joke? Is the S or the C silent in SCENT?
If we are only supposed to behave why are there so many other options? Doctor Who?
Really? It's 10pm, do you know where your pants are?
Why do I have to take English class? I'm never going to England. We decided to not have children Anybody know where we return these?
Do you know what would make me happy? Seriously, I'm trying to find out Exercise may add time to my life, but moe time than I'd waste exercizing?
If you're allergic to gluten and you don't tell everyone on Facebook about it, are you really allergic to gluten? Who started this never-ending war between rock, paper and scissors?
Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on? Does anything feel better than being fit and healthy? I guess I'll never know
What wine goes best with despair? Seriously? (Beetlejuice, The Joker)
Donuts are healthier than some things, right? Case closed! Running out of patience counts as exercise, right?
Anybody know where that village is that will help me raise my children? Really? Everybody was kung fu fighting?
What would Ron do? Ron Swanson And how does that make you feel?
Why do only some things have a Slippery When Wet sign on them? If less is more is nothing everything?
What's the right age to tell a highway it's adopted? Good morning all! What are we offended by today?
How do they get chicken to taste like so many other things? Why do they call it a Swiss Army Knife? It’s only about 9% knife
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