The Big Question page 3

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Does dark have a speed, too? What wine goes best with despair?
Why did I have to miss the 60s?! What would Phil Dunphy do?
Why do I have to take English class? I'm never going to England. If less is more is nothing everything?
Running out of patience counts as exercise, right? Really? Everybody was kung fu fighting?
Why do only some things have a Slippery When Wet sign on them? Why do they call it a Swiss Army Knife? It’s only about 9% knife
Retired Stickers!
It's an old expression so I wonder how many words a picture is worth in today's words What would Ron do? Ron Swanson
Is this a joke? Does anything feel better than being fit and healthy? I guess I'll never know
How do they get chicken to taste like so many other things? What's the right age to tell a highway it's adopted?
Question Everything. Why? Who is Pete? And why do we do so much for his sake?
Anybody remember rational discussion? Where'd that go?
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