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I'm mean because you're stupid No stupid people beyond this point
If stupidity hurt, you'd need a morphine drip The world is mostly idiots
If you treat stupid people like they're stupid is it still patronizing? If you're still stupid at your age you always will be. But try to smarten up anyway. Good luck. It won't happen. But try.
Life is hard. Harder if you're stupid Your ignorance is impressive
I used to think you were stupid. Still do. If you ever had a second thought you're two ahead of most people
You're never too old to try something stupid You spell remarkably well for a moron
Don't let the idiots ruin your day Spongebob isn't the reason your kid is stupid
My transition from stupidity to wisdom is taking longer than anticipated If you're willing to do something stupid, I'm willing to watch
Thank you for proving that there are stupid questions Everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes the reason is your stupid decisions
Stupidity: more dangerous than crocodiles Does not play well with stupid people
Four out of five people agree that one out of five people is an idiot Dictionaries are literally changing the definition of literally because people are literally too dumb to stop misusing literally
You are surprisingly glib for a moron I'm one idiot away from a nervous breakdown
Sweet irony is when you see someone write "your an idiot" if people actually spoke their minds it would be nice and silent around here
I'd slap you but I don't want your stupidity to splash on everyone Don't worry what other people think they don't, usually
I'm surrounded by idiots Stop making stupid people famous
The only thing duct tape can't fix is stupid... but it can muffle the sound Question stupidity
The big problem with stupidity is it can't be seen in a mirror Ignorance comes naturally stupidity takes real work
A day without stupid people is like... well, nobody knows Yes, I'm listening, it just takes me time to translate the stupid
Too bad there's no vaccine for stupidity So many stupid people so few giant meteors
What's your problem, are you deaf? In the brain? With stupidity? When you're in a coma you don't know it, but those around you do. Same when you're stupid
In sufficient quantity stupidity becomes invincible Your stupidity exhausts me
When I said "how stupid can you be?" I wasn't asking for a demonstration I'm not saying you're playing dumb I'm saying you could coach the team
Sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you stupid. I thought you already knew
Smart is not a flower that grows in everyone's garden
I used to be immune to idiots but there seems to be a new strain out there If my calculations are correct... you are an idiot!
Life is too short to argue with stupid people Too bad they forgot to cut your imbecilical cord
My people skills are great It's my stupid-people skills that need work Actually, there are stupid questions
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former -Albert Einstein You can't fix stupid
I'm allergic to idiots, I break out in sarcasm STUPID KILLS ...but not enough to really help
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