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This mesage proofred by tree nomes This message has been verified 100% correct
For more information please read this message again This message has been digitized for use on modern computers
Electronic Message. Handle with Care Read this or perish!
Air mail. Par Avion No, I was NOT drunk when I wrote this
Please excuse any typos. I'm not used to the new straightjacket If this email causes confusion my work here is done
This message has been authorized by God U.S. Government Inspected. Electronic Message Surveillance Authority
Spelling inspected prior to transmission. Any errors occured en route The opinions expressed in this email are not necessarily those of its author
This message will not be repeated To continue this message in English, please press 1 now
This email contains a minimum 50% post-consumer electrons This message is brought to you by the letters f and u
Delete this message at your own risk This email has been approved for all audiences
Thoughtful comments only, please Caution. This message contains caustic comments which may be dangerous in the wrong hands
If you do not receive this please notify immediately I cannot be responsible for future messages as apparently my cat has learned to type
The information above has not been verified but it seems right Warning: This post may contain invective, ridicule and contempt
This message is brought to you by the numbers 1 and 0
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