Mother Earth

Mother Nature always bats last Theere is no Plan B
We all live downstream Reunite Gondwanaland
defend the earth Don't frack with out water!
Localvore Insatiable is not sustainable
At least the war on the environment is going well Reduce greenhouse gases: don't exhale
Love it or leave it. You are but a leaf on the tree of earth
Biodiesel now Buy fresh, buy local
Strip mining prevents forest fires No ANWR drilling
Defend the wilderness End dependence on Mideast oil. Alternative fuels now!
Boycott corn-based ethanol fuel. An agribusiness scam we can't afford Demand better food labeling: If it's GMO we want to know
Getting hot, hot, hot! Don't blow up the earth, it's where I keep all my stuff
Why does the Earth only get a day but sharks get a whole week? I love my carbon footprint
We're all in this thing together. If terrorists poisoned as much water as fracking does maybe then you'd care
Go solar Nature is a mother
Relax, global warming will reverse once humans are gone If trees could scream would we still cut them down? Probably, if they screamed all the time
Give Bees a Chance Send fossil fuels the way of the dinosaur
Stop throwing stuff away. There is no away Water is the next oil
Corn is food not fuel If the environment was a bank we would've already saved it
Save the Earth. It's the only planet with chocolate Not machine washable
Global warming is so not cool Earth First. We can befouo the other planets after
the earth is not ours, we are the earth's Respect your mother (earth)
Biodiesel: Praise the Lard I'm with her (earth)
Ban Genetically-Engineered Food. Demand More Testing. Our future
It's not the heat it's the stupidity Too many humans
SOS (earth) If you think the fight over oil is bad, wait till we have to fight over water
We don't inherit the world from our parents, we borrow it from our children Not flat. We checked. NASA (earth)
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