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You saw mommy kissing no one. Understand? Merry Christmas
Getting Christmas Day off is the new Christmas bonus Happy Secular Winter Holiday
OK, fat man, make with the presents! -Stewie You had me at ho
Blessed Yule What would Scrooge do?
Buon Natale For you I wish many nice Gimels
Stand clear: last minute shopper Dear Santa, I can explain...
Happy New Year Naughty/Nice
I brake for reindeer All I want for Christmas is world peace and the gifts on my list
Peace Where my hos at? -Santa
I put so much thought into Christmas shopping it's now too late to do it I firmly resolve to make no New Year's resolutions
Christmas gifts are how loved ones show how little they understand each other No caroling
I believe Felicem diem Nativitatis
Snowmen pick their noses in the vegetab le aisle Gutt Yontiff to All!
All I want for Christmas is a nap I bought Santa's naughty list on eBay
Happy New Year, let the old one go Hope I don't get what I got last Christmas... fat
Make Santa's work easier ...be naughty Jingle all the way or don't bother jingling at all
Oy to the world I struggle with OCD: Obsessive Christmas Decorating
All I want for Christmas is 2 more weeks Happy Honda Days is part of the War On Christmas
I find your lack of cheer disturbing -Darth Vader Are Santa's elves subordinate clauses?
Ho. Greetings from the Society for the Prevention of Redundancy Holiday travel provides a little more human intimacy than I really need
be merry Merry Christmas to you, too, but I celebrate Hanukkah
Unlike Santa, I don't mind a little naughty Lifetime member: the Naughty List
My New Year's resolution is for you to be more interesting A Hanukkah miracle would be me being sure how to spell Hanukkah
I survived Christmas Joyeux Noël
Secret Santa is a way to turn $20 into disappointment I can believe the virgin birth, but three wise men?!
Consider this your Christmas card Dyslexics' Christmas Party with special guest: SATAN
Dear Santa, I was framed My New Year's resolution is to stop making faux pas What's yours, to lose weight?
I'm only a morning person on December 25th Peace (Hannukah candles)
Instead of a New Year's resolution just get your act together in general Festivus for the rest of us, December 23rd
I start putting off my Christmas shopping earlier every year If there is a War on Christmas  I think capitalism is winning it
Dear Santa, why so judgmental? Happy Challah Days
Hands off my latkes!! The best thing about my office Christmas party is it's "cancelled for lack of budget"
Seasonings Greetings
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