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Does dark have a speed, too? Who is Pete? And why do we do so much for his sake?
Who are these kids? And why are they calling me mom? Why do I only have suicidal houseplants?
What if I don't want to get a life? If quitters never win why are we told to quit while we’re ahead?
Seem to anyone else that we’re way behind on rickrolling people? Shouldn’t employers have to wash hands, too?
Why can’t my bed be as comfortable when I try to sleep as it is when I need to wake up Is it ironic to misuse the word ironic?
If it’s mo money, mo problems why isn’t it no money, no problems? Why am I always the one people turn to for money I owe them?
Is this real life? Lab safety? …or super powers?
Why do people turn to crime when there are so many legal ways to be dishonest? If you'd read this Sticker 100 years ago
where did you get the technology?
Wait, what am I supposed to be doing? Why does the word queue need those last 4 letters?
If money can’t buy happiness what am I supposed to buy it with?! Why does the one who snores always fall asleep first?
When you take a photo of another person why isn’t it called an Otherie? Running away from problems burns calories, right?
Where my knittas at? (yarn and knitting needles) Do shepherds fall asleep when they count their flock?
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