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Please be patient I'm screwing things up as fast as I can Hiss less, purr more
Dance like the picture won't be tagged Relax, nothing is under control
Step softly. Dreams, hearts and people are too easily broken To be interesting, be interested
Come to the dark side, we have cookies Measure twice. Saw once. Carpenter's maxim
Obey the machine Do not follow me, for I may not lead. Do not lead me, for I may not follow. Go over there somewhere
Talk less, say more Stop whining and plot your revenge
Just say no thank you -Miss Manners Question the answers
Running away from your problems doesn't work. Play dead Subvert the dominant paradigm
Keep the dream alive, use the snooze button Reject Greed
Be more convincing: yell louder Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too -Voltaire
Question Astrology Be nice or go away
Less attitude, more gratitude Be happy... lower your expectations!
Mute the noise Back the badge
I'm not good with hints. Say what you mean When you come to the fork in the road, take it. -Yogi Berra
Junk food doesn't contain much nutrition so make sure you eat a lot of it Suck it up, buttercup
Make sutuff Fight mediocrity
Do one thing each day that scares you ...except skydive with no parachute, don't do that Think outside the Fox
Just don't Be yourself. No one else wants the job
Think outside the box Try Placebo, Proven effective in 30-40% of cases
Stop worrying what people think of you. Most of them don't More cowbell!!
Ask your doctor if medical advice from a TV ad is right for you Follow your heart but bring your brain along
Lead us not into temptation, just tell us where it is Give me chocolate or give me... no, just give me the chocolate
Tone down the rhetoric Live long and prosper
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