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Hokey Pokey Anonymous: a place to turn yourself around Becoming obsolete
IIlegal immigration: founded 1492 Proud parent of a child whose self esteem doesn't depend on minor scholastic achievements being displayed on a sticker
Keep out May be hazardous to humans
Large black text on white background No jazz hands
Baby on board with the whole idea Time Travelers Club, next meeting: yesterday 5:30
May cause drowsiness No persiflage
No unaccompanied children This is my Sticker
This is where it's at Reality ends Saturday, sorry for any inconvenience
No novelty hats! This  is not a statement
Place holder Hippies use side door
This is not reality Void if removed
Prolonged exposure may cause irritation Ignore this
This space reserved for hip pop culture reference No shenanigans
Vandalay Industries for all your latex needs Not my funny sticker
This space for rent Slide to unlock
No scary robots. Nice robots only For sale by parents
No barking Not in service
By reading this sticker you hereby grant it irretrievable possession of four seconds of your life Access to this sticker has been blocked by your cruel corporate overlords
Warning: Awesomeness ahead Do not try this at home
Locals only
Emergency Exit We do not serve women, please bring your own
Drama free zone End of the line
Private Sticker, do not read Parental Advisory: Don't have kids
No whining See message on other side
Zombie crossing Keep Out
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