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Attention Psychics' Club: Our new meeting time will be... well, you know In case of fire please exit the building before posting photos to social media
Please do not pet the peeves Zombie crossing
This area reserved for insightful commentary Work in progress
Entrance Only, Do Not Enter Lost childhood
Notice: Thank you for noticing Closers only
Prolonged exposure may cause irritation Keep Out
One moment please, I'm preparing a brilliant retort Coming here soon:  Thought-provoking Insight
No roof access 0 days without being sarcastic
Temporary text Authorized by God
Only YOU can prevent narcissism watch your step
Warning: This sticker contains peanuts I told my kids I'm the best mom ever!
Clowns to the left, Jokers to the right Fake News
Important reminder: Microwaves vary No exit
404 - Sticker not found Bless this empty nest
Hot singles in your area looking for AC Motivational quote
Please do not feed the ego Warning: Consider yourself warned
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