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Tonight lets close the Internet early and go out for pie Many quotes on the Internet are misattributed -Mark Twain
I don't always retweet, but when I do they're epic The internet, where people who don't know anything get questions answered by other people who don't know anything
If you want to cry, use a tissue not your Facebook status Gee, there's an awful lot of stupid on the Internet
Simple cures for most tech problems: 1.Restart device 2.Don't be an idiot Facebook privacy notice: If it's private, don't put it on Facebook
Why is my Internet connection only fast when I click the wrong link? We could take care of climate change and our energy needs if we could just turn Internet comments into electricity
Wikipedia is my wing man Bow before me for I am root
So you want to argue? Fine. My caps lock is READY They say enough monkeys at keyboards will eventually produce a literary work. The Internet has proven this false
Girl geeks rule! I'm giving up Facebook for good. From here on I'm using it for evil
$500 fine for posting while stupid Here's hoping your Google results are someday worth reading
and/or exist
A watched stream never buffers Old school
Stop inviting me to events! A programmer is a machine that turns coffee into code
Love means never having to clear your browser history This place is like family, in that we argue a lot and don't like being around each other
Who are you people and how did you get on my internet? I need an emoticon for Resting Bitch Face
Offended? Just scroll on Do or do not. There is no try. -Yoda
Click like if you hate when posts ask for likes (Citation needed)
Twitter is the street corner where that guy stands shouting angry, unintelligible babble The first rule of commenting on Internet posts: Don't
Because I'm the moderator, that's why! 20 tips on how to stop texting when driving: 1. Don't text when driving
On the Internet no one stares at my boobs while I talk! You're not deep, astute, clever or wise. You just have Internet access
Gone viral, back in 15 minutes Who broke your capslock key?
Just because I'm not posting doesn't mean I'm not watching Share this with 5 people. Absolutely nothing at all will happen. Try it, it works!
Internet, why so many cat videos? Friends don't let friends text drunk
You don't have to like me, I'm not a Facebook status You problem is you don't spend enough time alone on the Internet
How to avoid e-mail scams: Don't be stupid Your inspirational quotes have inspired me to block you
I'm sniffing your wireless Gee, even in all caps your point is stupid
Here's a rumor that probably isn't true, pass it on! _The Internet The geek shall inherit the earth
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