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If you don’t have anything nice to say I bet you’re on social media a lot I wonder if Tom from MySpace is doing ok
Voicemail messages are the new MySpace Social media helps me pretend I’m interested in things!
There is no adequate emoji for this particular moment Sure, ask the Internet for advice. What could go wrong?
Using all caps makes me more persuasive! Facebook is one big party with the host in the back room going through the coats and purses
Threads like this are why they invented the Internet! Trolls: 10  Admin: 5
My Google history is mostly a long list of words I should know how to spell by now I see dead pixels
No trolls It’s not really a cloud, just a bunch of computers
I have a simple question that can be answered on Google so I guess I’ll ask it on Facebook Weird that online we’re asked to prove we aren’t a computer… by a computer
Let the thoughtful discussion begin!! (caps lock key) Social Media + Idiots + AI. What could go wrong?
Instant-philosopher: just add twitter The Internet (may contain nuts)
Don't spread likes. Verify before you share-ify There are monkey fights at the zoo more civil than some threads here
Welcome to the Internet, Pants Optional A true friend only posts photos you both look good in
We're all great proofreaders right after we hit send When life gives you lemons be sure to moan about it on the Internet
IDK, Google it! You’re on mute
I only use social media to complain about social media Ignore idiots and trolls. Replies only encourage them
X is definitely not the spot Is that true or did you just read it on the internet?
Accept me! (Cookie) Someone should install a breathalyzer on the internet
The internet should close for a year ahead of each presidential election Do you use social media? Or does it use you?
If my life was as good as I pretend on Facebook I wouldn’t be on Facebook Your typos are nature’s way of telling you to stop posting
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