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Old school They say enough monkeys at keyboards will eventually produce a literary work. The Internet has proven this false
f u c4n r34d 7h1s u r34lly n33d 2 g37 4 l1f3 A watched stream never buffers
I'd be doing great things right now if this dumb computer didn't make me stare at it On the Internet, no one can smell your loneliness
Offline Because I'm the moderator, that's why!
Life's a bitch. Then you blog When you say "LOL" I bet you're not really laughing out loud
I'm why they invented the Internet I read your e-mail
Share this with 5 people. Absolutely nothing at all will happen. Try it, it works! As seen on the Internet
I wish someone would do something about how boring my blog is Many quotes on the Internet are misattributed -Mark Twain
Who broke your capslock key? My mother doesn't know what I do on the Internet
We all agree, you should really update your blog Save the Internet. Tell Congress to protect Net Neutrality.
Golly, the Internet is so much fun! (Citation needed)
The first rule of commenting on Internet posts: Don't I'm not really a webmaster, but I play one on the Internet
Real life sucks. That's why we have the Internet I h8 txt spk
You problem is you don't spend enough time alone on the Internet
The Internet obscures my shortcomings I put the broad in broadband
The geek shall inherit the earth A clean house is a sign of a broken computer
Facebook stalker On the Internet nobody can see the crayons in my nose
Size does matter. Please keep your avatar small I dream in pixels
You're not deep, astute, clever or wise. You just have Internet access Life is too short for daily updates
Get off the computer and go outside! The Internet makes house arrest more fun
Because I'm the administrator, that's why! If you change your Facebook relationship status more than 4 times it should default to Unstable
Immutable law of online dating: Single, Attractive, Sane. Choose two Click like if you hate when posts ask for likes
The Internet is like one big open mic night Never trust anyone who is not on the Internet
Internet, why so many cat videos? Welcome to the Internet. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to continue
You're making the Internet very angry There's more to life than the Internet. Let me know when they find it
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