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I find your lack of grammar disturbing (Darth Vader) Grammar Cop says: Alot ≠ A Lot ≠ Allot
The Great Words series: Thwart Tomorrow: A mythical land where all chores are complete
(eyes drooping) Think of a number between 1 and 10. Now think of why you do everything you’re told
Grammar Cop says: in to does not equal into Naysayers gonna say nay
There is no spoon (fork) Life Hack: Turn your regular license plate into a vanity plate by naming your child after it
Math is like love; a simple idea that can get complicated The Great Words series: Pumpernickel
The word nut has too many meanings. Thank you, that is all Grammar Cop says: shoo-in, not shoe-in
What book made you cry as a teenager? For me it was Algebra II (woman peeking through blinds)
I could care less doesn’t mean what you think it means Funny how a mask improves most people’s looks
The Great Words series: Blurb Dear Karma, I have a list
Grammar Cop says: verbal does not equal oral There is a skeleton inside you
When all else fails, join the circus Drunk with power: bad.  Drunk with power tools: very bad
orange eyes We say book club. Coven is so misunderstood
Heroes don’t wear capes they wear scrubs Grammar Cop says: Apostrophe’s are not for plural’s
Bueller? Science. It’s like magic, but real
The Great Words series: Flummox We won’t be going back to blowing out birthday candles I assume
Grammar Cop says: Too does not equal To Aliens visit earth? No, they’d fly past and lock their doors
If you’re feeling down, park in a handicap space to hear lots of people say there’s nothing wrong with you "Made with love" means I licked the spoon and kept using it
(gremlin eyes peeking) Everything takes longer than you think
Wordle Ironically, it turns out that the actual “adult” beverage is water
200 pounds on earth weighs just 76 pounds on Mars. I’m on the wrong planet There’s a secret menu item at all restaurants you can only get if you act like a total jerk
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