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Mental not to self: Real notes work better Grammar Cop says: Who's does not equal Whose
No! They’re not “life hacks” they’re just household tips zombies>pirates+ninjas
Hands make a house Hearts make it a home Magic has to be believed to be seen
(line drawing face) Tip for hipsters: Never mind, you're too cool to need tips
# There are two kinds of people. Those who see a hashtag and those who see a pound sign What happens at grandma's house stays at grandma's house
You can't breathe while sticking out your tongue. Put your tongue back in, you look dopey (eyes peering)
It's only a dream Want to be somebody? Good news, you already are!
Grammar Cop says: Apart does not equal A part Science, now in verb!
When I was a kid we had nine planets
Everybody's wrong In America if you work hard and sacrifice you can make big corporate CEOs very rich
Don't believe astrology? Then find me one Leo that likes getting punched in the face If I'm ever on life support, don't unplug me before I'm a size 4
May the odds be ever in your favor If 5-day weather forecasts were any good, they'd only give the weather every 5 days
I saw that -Karma
It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then, hey, free eyeball! Drumline kicks brass
That's a terrible idea, what time? Money saving tip: Don't buy it!
Grammar Cop says: Literally does not equal Figuratively That's flattering, Smokey, but I'm hardly the ONLY one who can prevent forest fires
An easy way to get out of jury duty is to be the defendant (green eyes peering)
Tea is liquid contentment This sticker changes nothing
(faces) Same as it ever was
Comfy Clothes, Messy Bun, Coffee On, Get It Done I'm better than the movie!
emoticon shrug Evolution: So easy, a caveman could do it
In my defense, what did you expect? Hype always prevails
With a gun, a man can rob a bank. With a bank, a man can rob everyone If they can get you asking the wrong questions they don't have to worry about the answers. -Thomas Pynchon
The brand new emotion we're all feeling: Done If Mondays were shoes they'd be crocs
My Yoda Sticker this is Like mom always said to me… What the hell is wrong with you?!
Grammar Cop says: Lose does not equal Loose These be crazy times
Charge here (USB port) I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear -Martin Luther King, Jr.
Know that feeling when your heart skips a beat? That’s arrhythmia. Go see a doctor The future has been postponed
If you listen to the Laurel/Yanny meme enough you can hear your wasted life Good things will happen Not to you, maybe, but they’ll happen
Did I miss the royal wedding?! Why wasn’t there any media coverage?! Life Hack: Turn your regular license plate into a vanity plate by naming your child after it
(wide eyes staring) (circuit board)
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