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I was really good at math until 2nd grade came along So many rooms, so few clues what I came in for
I sleep fine at night, it's the waking up every hour that's a problem I'm disappointed by this unforeseen turn of events
Can we start the weekend over again? I wasn't ready I've become addicted to psychotherapy but I don't know what to do about it
An infinite universe and I ended up here?! I don't fret about the past, I'm too busy worrying about the future
I'm going out of my mind! Please hold my place til I get back Best or not, laughter is the only medicine I can still afford
The chains on my mood swing are ready to snap This will not end well
I try to fight my iimpulses but they usually sucker punch me first I shaved my legs for this?
Cow pies aren't really pies! I try to lose weight but it keeps finding me
I can't remember what not tired feels like All that holds me back is being not good enough and not really trying
I spend like half my life looking for things I had just a minute ago I think I need a new heart
I got nothin' My life is a romantic comedy minus the romance and the comedy
Procrastination ate me and won't spit me out I liked it better when Orwell was fiction
I’m starting to suspect my calls actually aren’t important to them I'm tryin' to think, but nothin' happens!
You morning people are creating a hostile work environment for the rest of us This appears to be unproductive
Due to circumstances beyond my control I am here Seems I picked the wrong week to be conscious
Thank you, ATM fees, for letting me buy my own money The hardest part of waking up is the first 12 hours
My swear jar has more money than my retirement account It seems Rock Bottom has a basement
I think I just seized the wrong day Let's pretend this never happened
I started a Neighborhood Watch but my neighbors called the cops on me If it weren't for stress I'd have no energy at all
I was looking for a book to help with my hoarding problem and now I have 16,000 books This would be funny if it weren't happening to me
The worst thing about mornings is morning people Dear Wednesday stop acting like Monday
My escape key isn’t working. I’m still here! No thanks, sleep, I’ll just lie here and review my regrets from 6 years ago
I ate healthy to get in shape then I heard you have to do it more than once WTF-ing my way through life
It’s just one bucking thing after another Still waiting for a level up
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