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I think my guardian angel drinks I have a bad feeling that these are the good ol’ days
Oh no! This is my circus and those are my monkeys This is the worst Monday since last Monday
OK, I’d like to wake up now My bad decisions are not as good as they used to be
One thing worse than a cold toilet seat is a warm one Another day ruined by adulthood
Straight outta money The trouble is, you think you have time
I liked it better when Orwell was fiction I do not have ducks. Or a row. I have squirrels. In a rave.
Been waiting so long for my ship to come in, my dock rotted Today was easy — like standing up in a hammock
My lexicon of profanity is not sufficient to cope with today This is not the future I expected
This pandemic hasn’t been as much fun as they said it would be Not ready for all this
Friday has lost its old pizzazz My big regret is not being in a coma the last two years
I’m like a battery. No one ever includes me in anything Reality don’t care
We go on zoom with the covid body we have not the covid body we might want I hate when I realize it’s only Thursday not Friday and then get told it’s actually just Wednesday
It’s said all good things must end, but there’s ominous silence about bad things The whole “Keep calm” thing is out the window now, right?
Everything seems to be going about as badly as expected Success requires hard work so, there goes that idea
I make far too many choices based on my phone’s battery life Verily, today doth bite
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