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The Great Words series: Thwart Grammar Cop says: Alot ≠ A Lot ≠ Allot
I find your lack of grammar disturbing (Darth Vader) Libraries: Yesterday's Internet
(eyes drooping) Prozac Lipstick: Lets you look great and feel great
Grammar Cop says: in to does not equal into Think of a number between 1 and 10. Now think of why you do everything you’re told
I pay my taxes. Your move, billionaires Life Hack: Turn your regular license plate into a vanity plate by naming your child after it
(zipper) Repair kit (duct tape)
Grammar Cop says: shoo-in, not shoe-in The Great Words series: Pumpernickel
F-bomb Naysayers gonna say nay
Tomorrow: A mythical land where all chores are complete (woman peeking through blinds)
Grammar Cop says: verbal does not equal oral There is no spoon (fork)
The Great Words series: Blurb Drunk with power: bad.  Drunk with power tools: very bad
Funny how a mask improves most people’s looks The word nut has too many meanings. Thank you, that is all
orange eyes Dear Karma, I have a list
There’s nothing you can’t do except reach that top shelf maybe Grammar Cop says: Apostrophe’s are not for plural’s
Heroes don’t wear capes they wear scrubs I could care less doesn’t mean what you think it means
Everything takes longer than you think We say book club. Coven is so misunderstood
Math is like love; a simple idea that can get complicated We won’t be going back to blowing out birthday candles I assume
Grammar Cop says: Too does not equal To Bueller?
When all else fails, join the circus What book made you cry as a teenager? For me it was Algebra II
The Great Words series: Flummox "Made with love" means I licked the spoon and kept using it
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