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Victim of my own miscalculations I don't do "awake"
Little Lebowski Urban Achiever My social skills are amusingly inadequate
I used to think I was a person of vision. Turns out it was hallucinations Among all my multiple personalities I'm the best
I'm Wonder Woman. I wonder where's my phone, my keys, my... I'm not sick, I'm twisted. Sick sounds like there's a cure
Devoid of street cred Now the voices are texting me
Does not play well with others Texan born and raised
One glorious mess Overpowered by funk
Thinking inappropriate thoughts hexenbiest
I don't do social Heretic
I never make a mistake twice. Usually it's ten times, minimum Member of the Volturi
I'm playing hard to get along with According to my BMI I'm too short
Evil genius If there was an award for Most Pessimistic I probably wouldn't even get nominated
Sometimes when I open my mouth my mother comes out Donut magnet
I'm a great example of a bad example I can't go out because of the pollen ...and people
I'm an Empathetic person in an Apathetic world Irish
I ate a happy meal. It didn't work Learning from mistakes is hard so I just don’t
I'm not bad I just spell that way
not an adrenaline kind of person Lost cause
If I have a comfort zone I haven’t found it yet Procrastination isn’t a problem for me it’s a solution
Pot head (coffee pot) I’m very good at bad decisions
I’m not short i’m concentrated My spirit animal is a Gummy Bear
Adult-ish World’s greatest father/farter
I’m a go-getter trapped in the body of a lazy person I am made entirely of flaws stitched together with good intentions
Thermostat Cop “Just put on a sweater” Alpha Female
I put the PRO in procrastinate Normal people scare me but not as much as I scare them
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