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My plan B is to keep trying my plan A until it works Reality is nice but I wouldn't want to live there
I’m not for everyone I was once the world's youngest person
I’m never too busy to complain I’m too busy I’m only a teacher for the money and the fame
I miss the days when I could make my parents around just by taking a long nap My superpower is picking the slowest grocery store line
I try to keep my cheat days down to 7 a week I have no faith in science. It requires none
Strongly agree I don’t always whoop but when I do, there it is
My remaining get-rich-quick schemes all include time travel I avoid frivolous spending by using all my money for rent
Karen is my homeboy They said  it couldn’t be done so I didn’t bother
I’m not a robot I was socially distant before it was a thing
I’m an acquired taste I lack enthusiasm for all this
I'm so lucky thought bubbles aren't real I would rather my plane crash than have passengers clap when it lands
I can tell by your rudely sarcastic comment that we should be friends Financially, I'm set for life provided I die next week
I wasn’t snoring, I was riding motorcycles in my dreams I don’t need a therapist I have a sister
I’ve given my memory foam mattress a lot to forget Now that I have my to-do list I just need someone to do it
My astrological sign? The one that doesn’t believe in astrology my superpower is being able to keep my mouth shut these days
I don’t have a fear of flying I have a fear of crashing My worst decisions are ahead of me
Those are not typos those are my fresh takes I’m not procrastinating I’m on a side quest
I’m going to change the world. I mean my life. I mean the channel. I read banned books
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