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It is most unwise for people in love to marry -George Bernard Shaw I'm one more bad relationship from owning 30 cats
A woman has the last word in any argument. What a man says after that begins a new argument If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, try not to look too surprised
Thinking you understand women is a sign that you don't understand women Love is a malady easily cured by marriage
The only men I find who want me for my brains are zombies Women don't want to hear what you think, they want to hear what they think... in a deeper voice
A woman is always younger than a man of equal years. -Elizabeth Barrett Browning Men are idiots and I married their king
Of course I'm right, I'm testosterone free Arguing with a woman is like being arrested; anything you say can and will be used against you
The secret of a happy marriage has yet to be discovered The most terrifying thing a husband can hear from a wife is notice anything different?
The perfect boyfriend doesn't lie, cheat or exist Men with an earring make the best husbands. They can take pain and know how to buy jewlry
Bigamy: one wife too many. Monogomy: same thing. My Marxist feminist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard
No matter where I am, the only place I want to be is closer to you Men wish women came with instructions.  Why?  They wouldn't read them
Eve was framed Be with the one who hears the words you leave unspoken
I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, he llves in the future My wife knows at least one thing about any subject (that I'm wrong about it)
I can get ready in 5 minutes if I have an hour to prepare
A man who won't lie to a woman has no consideration for her feelings I'm a chick magnet but my polarity is reversed
A gentleman always remembers a woman's birthday but never her age Lloyd Dobler does not exist
Never marry for money. You can borrow it cheaper -Scottish proverb A good wife always forgives her husband when she's wrong
How do you know when you've met the perfect woman for you? She'll tell you real men don't sparkle
In any marriage only one person can be right... the other is the husband Laughing at your mistakes can lengthen your life (not true of laughing at your wife's mistakes)
I don't make mistakes, I date them If you want my opinion, go ask my wife
For sale: Encyclopedia. Just got married. Wife knows everything You can gauge a woman by her hands. If they're around your throat she may be annoyed
Sadly, all men are created equal All I want is somebody whose demons will play nice with mine
My wife treats me like a god, she ignores me until she needs my help If you get married before you have met everyone in the world, you're just settling
If I had a dollar for every woman who found me unappealing, they would eventually find me appealing Women want everything from one man. Men want one thing from every woman
There are two sides to every divorce: yours and ****head's Stop trying to fix everything and just listen!
I can have any man I don't want A person doesn't need to be perfect to be the perfect person for you
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