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But for my absence of skills I would totally be a ninja Raised on bad TV
I do not math, therefore I art Only a little crazy
übergamer I've still got it. I just can't remember where
Failing to comply Sorry, I'm not good at people-ing
I wrestled with my demons. Now we just snuggle
I'm not short, I'm fun-sized! I don't go crazy I just go normal from time to time
Adult child of a space alien Punk4Life
Wooden spoon survivor Evil genius
Relationship status: Waiting for a Miracle The voices in my head are snoring
I'm a perfectionist about how other people should do things Bored
Thought criminal The only person I trust is me but not much and not always
Innocent bystander Does not play well with others
Happy camper Not a joiner
Stressed-based life form Greendale Alum
Unable to see the light I put the pro in procrastination
Dissident Carbivore
What I have is like Tourette's but voluntary Disinclined to play by the rules
Last kid picked Will not acquiesce
Undifferentiated carbon-based unit Raised by humans
Little Lebowski Urban Achiever Unaware of the consequences
I'm playing hard to get along with Devoid of street cred
I'm Wonder Woman. I wonder where's my phone, my keys, my... Texan born and raised
I don't do normal Now the voices are texting me
My social skills are amusingly inadequate According to my BMI I'm too short
One glorious mess Victim of my own miscalculations
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