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Instant Human: Just add coffee The voices in my head are fighting again
I may have multiple personalities but at least we all get along Aussie Girl
Hogwarts Dropout I am made entirely of flaws stitched together with good intentions
Not a role model Normal people scare me
Not as hip as I planned to be Punk4Life
BAND GEEK Self-Aborbed
Rude, crude and tattooed Raised on bad TV
Irish Girl Heavily Medicated for your Protection
I'm not short, I'm fun-sized! I'm the good kind of bad
Me, jog? I get winded when my mascara runs Failing to comply
übergamer I'm like a genius only not as smart
Damaged Serving as a bad example
Thought criminal I wrestled with my demons. Now we just snuggle
Yet to be there or do that The voices in my head are snoring
Gangster-ish Israeli Girl
If I ever had any potential I'm sure I wasted it by now I think my spirit animal has rabies
Not a joiner Ignoring my mother's advice
Wooden spoon survivor I'm pretty great at making the worst of a bad situation
Emotionally unprepared Proud to be a Grammar Cop
I do not math, therefore I art I've still got it. I just can't remember where
Happy camper Hell hath no fury like me when I'm hungry and slightly inconvenienced
But for my absence of skills I would totally be a ninja I don't do normal
I love to be underestimated Proper grammar makes me hot
Relationship status: Waiting for a Miracle The only person I trust is me but not much and not always
Sorry, I'm not good at people-ing I don't go crazy I just go normal from time to time
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