Personal Issues, page 3

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Normal people scare me but not as much as I scare them I'm like an honor student but without the grades or motivation
British Girl Texan born and raised
Among all my multiple personalities I'm the best Dissident
Carbivore Raised by humans
Emotionally unavailable I'm not a nag, I'm a motivational speaker
I'm a bitch before coffee. And after. Southern Belle
Spoiled Greendale Alum
I'm an analog mind in a digital world Unaware of the consequences
Casualty of society Last kid picked
I wake up screaming queen bitch
Subprime Undifferentiated carbon-based unit
Bites when provoked Swedish Chick
Runs with cheese Trekkie Geek
Dead inside Impudent Stumpet
I love indiscriminately Undercover nudist
Passerby Heretic
Bitter Disinclined to play by the rules
Monogamously challenged Anxious soul
Not a housewife & not desperate Control freak
I'm not a control freak I just like to show people the right way to do things Only a little crazy
Future cult member Reform school girl
Model citizen Unable to see the light
Stressed-based life form undocumented
Nasty Redhead All trash no trailer
Textually active
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