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I don't do "awake" I'm a great example of a bad example
Sometimes when I open my mouth my mother comes out Normal people scare me but not as much as I scare them
not an adrenaline kind of person My spirit animal is a Gummy Bear
If I have a comfort zone I haven’t found it yet A.V. Club Alum
Procrastination isn’t a problem for me it’s a solution Pot head (coffee pot)
I'm an Empathetic person in an Apathetic world I put the PRO in procrastinate
I’m very good at bad decisions I ate a happy meal. It didn't work
I’m told that my two big flaws are I don’t listen… and something else I am made entirely of flaws stitched together with good intentions
I'm not bad I just spell that way Irish
I’m a go-getter trapped in the body of a lazy person #nofilter (mouth)
Still haven’t learned how to do mornings Adult-ish
I’m not short i’m concentrated Lost cause
Thermostat Cop “Just put on a sweater” I’m not bossy I’m helpful
High on stress Alpha Female
Learning from mistakes is hard so I just don’t
I’m not a hoarder I’m just contingency-prepared Meandering to the beat of a different drummer
It bothers me that before coffee I hate everyone. After coffee it doesn’t bother me If you can’t handle me at my worst just know it’s identical to my best
Don’t get me started. I don’t have brakes I can't go out because of the pollen ...and people
Yes, I have a dirty mind, but only to help boring conversations be more fun I'm not a pessimist I'm optimistically challenged
Nothing seems to be working for me so that’s what I’m going to keep doing Born to be wild till around 9:30 maybe 10pm
Blinded by the dark Human couch warmer
I don’t brave anything I only lose my temper when someone calls me short-tempered
I never put off things that let me put off things I don’t want to do I haven’t lost my marbles but I think there's a hole in my bag
I put the fun in dysfunctional My body is a temple, ancient and crumbling
My trick to be hyper-productive is procrastinate until the last minute Never been nominated
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