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Normal people scare me but not as much as I scare them I'm not a nag, I'm a motivational speaker
Only a little crazy Undifferentiated carbon-based unit
British Girl Among all my multiple personalities I'm the best
Anxious soul My mind is like a banana tree filled with monkeys clattering for attention
Stressed-based life form Texan born and raised
Dissident Trekkie Geek
Greendale Alum I love indiscriminately
I'm an analog mind in a digital world Unaware of the consequences
I like to pretend I'm not a sociopath Last kid picked
Dead inside I'm playing hard to get along with
Carbivore Heretic
Disinclined to play by the rules When I see "do not eat" printed on something I consider it a challenge
Southern Belle I'm Wonder Woman. I wonder where's my phone, my keys, my...
Unable to see the light My decision-making skills resemble a squirrel crossing the street
undocumented No one can body-shame me more than my body does
Textually active I don't do "awake"
Rage has become my baseline emotion Now the voices are texting me
Future cult member What I have is like Tourette's but voluntary
I don't do social I'm a great example of a bad example
I'm a romantic with a dirty mind Swedish Chick
Equal opportunity annoyer I ate a happy meal. It didn't work
hexenbiest I don't always drink beer but when I do, I tend to fart
I used to think I was a person of vision. Turns out it was hallucinations Learning from mistakes is hard so I just don’t
I don't think much therefore I might not be
Sometimes when I open my mouth my mother comes out I'm not fat, I'm epic
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