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Napping to the beat of a different drummer Even if the voices aren't real they have some good ideas
Accidental screenshot champion My birthstone is a coffee bean
I used to crastinate then I got so good I went pro Hell hath no fury like me when I'm hungry and slightly inconvenienced
I just asked myself if I’m crazy and they all said no Currently disgruntled
I live my life by scientific principle: A body at rest tends to stay at rest Social-Distancing Champion 8th consecutive year
PASTE ALT HERE Involuntary participant
Inside me, a thin woman struggles to get out, but chocolate usually shuts her up I can remember song lyrics from the 80s but not why I just came into the kitchen
I’m a great listener if you keep it short I'm an analog mind in a digital world
I owe my grocery bagging skills to Tetris I’ve got it all together I just can’t remember where
I won't go, but I want to be invited I’m not procrastinating I’m buffering
Just sitting here overthinking the joy out of everything My only fear about becoming a zombie is all the walking
Pretending to be an imposter Meal Enjoyer
Think of me as a challenge The one thing I never seem to put off is procrastination
I’m a self-starter when it comes to gossip I’m staying in. It’s too peopley out there
I’m not cynical. Actually, yes, that’s the word My sunscreen is me not outside
I have OCD & ADD. I need everything to be perfect but just for a minute Caffiend
Mom’s Favorite - Most Consecutive Years I’m like fine chocolate: dark and bitter
Doomer Permanently assigned to the kids' table
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