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Victim of my own miscalculations
Little Lebowski Urban Achiever Conformist
Awkward is my specialty Person of Interest
Does not play well with others Ask me about my explosively angry reaction to stupid questions
My superpower is ignoring my faults so I can focus on other people's Dangerously overeducated
Adult child of a space alien I put the pro in procrastination
Not a people pleaser Thinking inappropriate thoughts
Israeli Girl I don't have an inner child I have an inner old person that wants everyone to shush
Socially unacceptable jenius
Evil genius Overpowered by funk
Hold on, let me overthink this Infidel
Donut magnet Subversive
Powered by existential dread Lost cause
South African Princess Way crazier than you
I never make a mistake twice. Usually it's ten times, minimum Mutant
My social skills are amusingly inadequate I'm not a peeper, I'm neighborly
Member of the Volturi Smalltalk Survivor
Thermostat Cop “Just put on a sweater” I'm a nurse. What's your superpower?
I’m a go-getter trapped in the body of a lazy person If there was an award for Most Pessimistic I probably wouldn't even get nominated
Unregistered offender Irish Princess
According to my BMI I'm too short I'm not sick, I'm twisted. Sick sounds like there's a cure
If I have a comfort zone I haven’t found it yet Adult-ish
If you knew my family you'd understand Commando
not an adrenaline kind of person My superpower is turning alcohol into regret
Procrastination isn’t a problem for me it’s a solution Devoid of street cred
I'm an Empathetic person in an Apathetic world One glorious mess
Alpha Female I'm not a pessimist I'm optimistically challenged
Still haven’t learned how to do mornings Pot head (coffee pot)
If you can’t handle me at my worst just know it’s identical to my best Irish
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