Personal Issues, page 4

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Infidel Not a people pleaser
Evil genius desperate for attention
Victim of my own miscalculations Heart breaker
Israeli Girl bo(red)
I put the pro in procrastination Drug-war re-enacter
Not as lean, not as mean, but still a marine Overpowered by funk
I'm not a bitch, I'm an IRISH bitch! Dangerously overeducated
Innocent bystander Conformist
Adult child of a space alien Human couch warmer
Subversive Nouveau hipster
Ask me about my explosively angry reaction to stupid questions Shameless thrill seeker
Donut magnet Does not play well with others
Thinking inappropriate thoughts Camera whore
Awkward is my specialty Looking for trouble
Not a go-getter Mutant
90% Bitch 10% Bitch
Bored Unregistered offender
Irish Princess Lost cause
Internet Celebrity Cultist
Overqualified Socially unacceptable
South African Princess Way crazier than you
My social skills are amusingly inadequate Little Lebowski Urban Achiever
If you knew my family you'd understand One glorious mess
Lost at sea Behind the curve
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