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#nofilter (mouth) Still haven’t learned how to do mornings
I'm an Empathetic person in an Apathetic world My body is a temple, ancient and crumbling
Meandering to the beat of a different drummer Human couch warmer
Irish Pot head (coffee pot)
I never put off things that let me put off things I don’t want to do I'm not a pessimist I'm optimistically challenged
I haven’t lost my marbles but a hole may be starting in my bag Nothing seems to be working for me so that’s what I’m going to keep doing
Blinded by the dark I’m not short i’m concentrated
If you can’t handle me at my worst just know it’s identical to my best Napping to the beat of a different drummer
I’m not a hoarder I’m just contingency-prepared Social-Distancing Champion 8th consecutive year
Born to be wild till around 9:30 maybe 10pm Thanks to physical distancing my social skills are finally adequate
I only lose my temper when someone calls me short-tempered PASTE ALT HERE
I put the PRO in procrastinate I’m told that my two big flaws are I don’t listen… and something else
Yes, I have a dirty mind, but only to help boring conversations be more fun I’m not bossy I’m helpful
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