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Love is friendship set on fire. -French Proverb A good marriage is a contest of generosity -Diane Sawyer
Marriage teaches you how many wrong ways there are to do things Let me explain to you why “mansplaining” isn’t really a thing
Better to have loved and lost than to stay with that psycho It wasn’t Eve. It wasn’t Yoko. Stop blaming women
My spouse is a rescue from a previous marriage I live in a correctional facility: my wife is always correcting me
Sawdust is man glitter 60% of marriage is shouting what? from another room
It’s weird how my wife starts conversations with: You weren’t even listening, were you? A woman’s place is in the resistance (Princess Leia)
Is it a sign of a good relationship if we both love the dog more? Being single means never having to clear your browser history
Thought my ex-wife hated me but from what I just heard her yell, it’s only my guts If a man says he'll fix it, he will. No need to nag him every six months
In my marriage, I wear the pants... that my wife selects and buys for me In regard to women, a very wise man once said… nothing
Nope. Still not married Behind every successful man is a woman ...rolling her eyes
A queen without her king is, historically, far more powerful Dating isn’t so bad when you don’t do it
Studies show that women with a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it You have the great personality of someone much less attractive
I was once married to a real animal: A lion ass cheetah My wife says my two main faults are I don’t listen… and something else
My husband said he was going out for milk but never came back and I'm devastated. I had to resort to that powdered stuff Love must be blind because look at you people
Nothing is really lost until your wife can’t find it Sometimes it's best to just let the dumbass walk away
Settle down sweetie, you’re ovary-acting When your wife is upset do not make either of these mistakes: 1. Ask what’s wrong 2. Don’t ask what’s wrong
Men should be glad women only want equality and not revenge
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