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I've learned so much from my mistakes I plan to make lots more I went to the gym but came back because I forgot something... I hate exercise
I like big books and i cannot lie I avoid anything which might contradict my narrow worldview
I could never run a marathon I couldn't be off my phone that long I'm not perfect but parts of me are fantastic
I was once the world's youngest person I'm on a diet where I eat whatever I want. I'm not losing weight but at least I finally found one I can stay on
I have a hidden talent and I sure hope I find it First I drink the coffee then I do the things
I think therefore I doubt I'm not overweight, I'm undertall
I'm not rich in terms of money or in terms of anything else that might count or be of value I am not obligated to make sense to you
I'm training a new human to be a good person, what's your super power? I think I was a king in a previous life because I like people to do what I say
No matter how cynical I get it never seems to be enough I know right from wrong. Wrong is the fun one.
I'm kind of a big ordeal I feel sullied and unusual
I don't start trouble It just seems to be there when I arrive I came, I saw, I want to go home
I have plenty of self control because I never use any of it I'm always in a good mood until I wake up
Not wearing pants I don't make trouble but I know where to find it
Just one step remains before I'm finally rich: obtaining money I didn't come this far to only come this far
I don't flirt with disaster, it's more like we're going steady I'm on the cutting edge of mediocrity
I can’t imagine being hungry enough to eat my own cooking I enjoy going out at night and by out I mean to sleep
I cannot quit for I am too legit My principles are not for sale unless you are offering cash
I think this is one of those times I tried being normal once. It didn't work out
I think we'll be friends forever because I hate meeting new people I don't really have an opinion and I wanted to let you know
I've gotta be me! Everybody else was taken I was an honor student, I don’t know what happened
I try to keep my cheat days down to 7 a week My excercise philosophy is No pain, No pain
I’m only a teacher for the money and the fame I don't believe in miracles, I rely on them!
Those are not typos those are my fresh takes I feel better now that I've given up hope
I lack enthusiasm for all this I refuse to argue with anyone who can't even write in cursive
I’m not for everyone I don't do decaf
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