Internet Bumper Stickers Wordplay, page 6

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I'm an optimist but I don't think it helps much The only problem you can run away from is if your problem is you don't run enough
I'm not a racist, I don't even drive Thank dog I'm not dyslexic
I have discovered that the best time to plan ahead is always in the past Man, my life is taking forever
Darts: Game of Throws To learn is to make mistakes
ANKH IF YOU LOVE ISIS What I if told you that you read this wrong?
Snowmen pick their noses in the vegetab le aisle Weirdly insufficient rule: I before E except after C
I'm trying to give up sexual double entendres but it's hard Ban rap music. It encourages rudeness to bitches and hos
Obesity is widespread I don't trust atoms, they make up everything
Everyone says I'm in denial but really I'm not I choose to believe what I was programmed to believe
You make worse analogies than sawing wood Bitcoins aren't worth the paper they're printed on
Two wrongs don't make a right. But three rights make a left. Octogenarians are a dying breed
Fat Food Indecision this way
Age is only a number, check that, age is a word Death: The nation's #1 killer
DNA: National Dyslexic Association Witch Parking Only. All others will be toad
Director Department of Redundancy Department Self-Awareness Lessons. Inquire Within
Knit happens I've said it before and I'll say it again. It.
Being humble would be better if I got more  recognition for it Some people have a way with words, others have not way
Things I don't have time for: 1.That Sleep is the best cure for insomnia
Exaggerators Anonymous - A Trillion Strong and Growing This is the highlight of your day
National Procrastination Day. Date: TBD They say I'm noncommittal but let's just wait and see
Does Waldo wear stripes because he doesn't want to be spotted? This sticker is 25% funny and 85% bad at math
If life gives you melons maybe you're dyslexic I'm sure you hate it when people make assumptions about you
I'll never be a self-made man, I'm just not that handy Free contradictions, half price!
I love realism Everything is easier said than done except talking
Space heater are a fraud. They can barely heat a room let alone something as vast as space A good icebreaker is global warming
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