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Do you get enough sleep> Yes No Heisenberg may have slept here
A good name for a cover band would be Duvet Volunteering doesn't pay
I was hurt falling into an upholstery machine but I'm recovered now My greatest fear is to dwell forever in obscurity -Unknown
One good turn gets the most blanket You can't make me feel bad, my self esteem is way too low for that
It's not the minutes at the table that make you fat, it's the seconds I have not yet begun to procrastinate
No, I'm NOT reflexively negative! When you boil it all down, that's evaporation
Game, set, match = tennis. Set, match, run = arson Hey Fox News! So far, no news about foxes. What's up with that?
Snowmen pick their noses in the vegetab le aisle Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Same for your other classes.
Eliminate and abolish redundancy I know I'd be a great motivational speaker, but why bother?
In the event of a plane crash it's safest to be far away from any planes They're reading a fascinating book in the space station. They just can't put it down
I'm a social vegan, I avoid meet I love realism
WYMI: The all-philosophy radio station Great minds like a think
Have you heard about this? It's a pronoun to identify a specific thing I'm taking steps to avoid elevators
I'm so excited for gardening season I wet my plants! Does the Little Mermaid wear an alegbra?
Gravity is keeping me down I love polygamy
I work well under pressure as long as I have lots of time and the outcome isn't important Now is always the right time to do things later
My mom never loved me as a child. But then, I wasn't there when she was a child I know I speak for everyone when I say I have multiple personality disorder
One nation under Canada If you have 44 candy bars and eat 40, what are you left with? Diabetes.
I don't think I could live with myself if I was ever cloned I love heavy metal (tuba)
The only problem you can run away from is if your problem is you don't run enough In queso emergency: melt cheese
Doormats are gateway rugs The label said, avoid eye contact. But, too late, I already saw it
If Watson isn’t the most famous doctor, Who is. "That's what." -She
Anosmia stinks Know what I don’t like? People who answer their own questions
I need a bigger sticker Electricians strip to make ends meet
Predictions are rarely correct, especially about the future I don't trust stairs, I think they're up to something
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