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Georgie, when you eat pretzels, always wear your helmet -Barbara Bush The argument for more parental involvement
Taliban wannabes This message has been inspected and certified anthrax free
White powder found on these pages should be immediately reported to the Webmaster WORLDCON
They're the last line of defense. Give pilots guns. Don't ask pilots to be gunfighters. No guns 4 pilots.
Chick Hearn Columbia 02/01/03
This Web site is S.A.R.S FREE No facemash required NO WAR It could preempt American Idol!
Attack Iraq Don't Attack Iraq
You're a liar! Saddam is the problem. The coalition is the solution
Never trust a company with an ugly logo Peter Arnett Iraqi Minister of Propaganda
C'mon, those WMDs must be in there somewhere What, you never seen a dictator on a bad hair day?
Mr. Rogers Proud citizen of Old Europe
Strom, you just had to live to 100, didn't you?! Welcome home, Elizabeth
Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion FRANCE always there when they need you
Bob Hope Lance Armstrong 2003
The Scoobies have left the dale Warren Zevon
Johhny Cash Power to the People. Offer may not apply in northeastern U.S.
John Ritter Go away Isabel
I was blown by Isabel Arnold for Governor
Total Recall 2003 Vote for me for California governor
The only thing laughable about the California recall Hasta la vista baby
I #$%&ing LOVE the Osbournes I #$%&ing HATE the Osbournes
Greetings from Southern California Ironic, isn't it? I've been high the whole time
Um, if it was offensive, why do they replay it so much? Ephedra's being banned because it's linked to heart problems, high blood pressure, strokes and death. But cigarettes...
The Captain has left the Treasure House Lying. It's a bad thing
Jesus must be so proud to see how much money people are making off his crucifixion Friends
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