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Stupid ashhole! (Iceland volcano) Gary Coleman
Dennis Hopper Toyota: Moving forward
No vuvuzelas Spill, baby, spill -bp
BP: Broken pipe
Steven Slater, over and out Miss me yet? Pope John Paul II
I won't watch Dancing with the Stars because I respect the privacy of Sarah Palin's family Don't go see that movie and I'll give you $100 million, too! -Mark Zuckerberg
Don't ask, don't care We need to go slow repealing DADT, not just rush into it like we do war
Rally to restore sanity (Jon Stewart) March to keep fear alive (Stephen Colbert)
Surely you can't be serious Leslie Neilsen Elizabeth Edwards 1949-2010
Why didn't my horoscope predict the change to my horoscope? Are they taking all the n-words out of Huck Finn so they can use them in rap lyrics?
Lance Armstrong led a doping ring? I didn't think he had the balls for that May this senseless act bring us to our senses (Gabriel Giffords)
That was the best Superbowl ever on Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday Jack LaLanne can still do more pushups than you
Egypt - Uninstalling Dictator - 100% complete
8.9 Japanese earthquake Gadhafi Duck, dethpicable
Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011 Osama bin Deadened
Obama got Osama Burn in hell - Osama bin Laden
Sorry the birth certificate took so long. I was busy killing bin Laden -Barack Obama Derek Jeter 3,000 hits
Rupert Murdoch says he is deeply touched by all the messages left on Amy Winehouse's voicemail To say S&P is a conniving, diseased whore is an insult to whores, connivers and disease
Good night Irene Steve Jobs 1955-2011
Qaddafi, Gaddafi, Kadhafi, they always seem to die in threes Andy Rooney 1919-2011
Penn State od denial It's three agencies of government I'd cut out... Rick Perry
If they enforced banking laws as strictly as park rules we wouldn't be in this mess 11/11/11 One of the few days the entire world agrees on how to write the date
Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011 Vaclav Havel 1936-2011
Kim Jong Il Everyone's a Winner in New Hampshire, According to Everyone Who Didn't Win
First Romney won Iowa then he lost Iowa - just another Romney flip-flop Whitney Houston 1963-2012
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