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Sleepover at my house! Michael Jackson wouldn't have gone free if he was black!
If Mark Felt knew Nixon was breaking the law, he should've just reported it to the President (Buchanon, Liddy, Novak) You go, Bill, nuke the Dems!
Go Lance! One more for the road (Lance Armstrong) I downloaded the 499,999,999the song on iTunes and all I got was this Internet Bumper Sticker
Lance Armstrong Magnificent 7 July 24, 2005 Senates?! We don't need no stinkin' Senates! -John Bolton
We will not be terrorised. -Tony Blair July 7, 2005 James 'Scotty' Doohan
I stand with Cindy Sheehan Cindy go home! (Cindy Sheehan)
William H. Rehnquist Harriet Miers is the most controversial pick involving the Supreme Court since George Bush
Bob Denver Katrina blows!
Defend DeLay Delete DeLay
Attention New Orleans: Shoot the damn looters! God help us (Katrina)
FEMA: Failing to Effectively Manage Anything Goodbye CBGB, a great t-shirt
Bush announces bold plan to fight high gas prices: "Don't buy gas if you don't need it" Freedom Walk. America supports you
March on Washington. End the war on Iraq If by black people you mean Kanye West, then yes -George Bush
Give 'em hell, Harry! George Best 1946-2005
Eugene McCarthy Rosa Parks 1913-2005
John Lennon Free Katie
I rode the breakers at Cronulla Richard Pryor
Monday Night Football. Turn out the lights, the party's over I make really inept analogies, and you know what I'm talkin' about! -Hillary Clinton
West Wing canceled! Democrats now out of fake power, too I love the 80s! Kobe Bryant, 81 points, 1/22/06
Oops. I thought it was Libby! -Dick Cheney Cheney unveils new plan to reduce Social Security costs
No arab control of U.S. ports We give you $100 and you let us turn the oil companies loose in Alaska. Deal? -Bill Frist
It's OK to behead innocent people and videotape it, but don't draw a picture of this guy (Mohammed) Atheists riot after blank paper is found on cartoonist's desk
myspace. now with 20% more predators Ursprache
May 1 Boycott for immigration rights. No work. No school. No buying. Defeat the boycott. Attend, spend, defend. May 1st, stand up for American rights
No eBay fee hike. I support eBay Storefronts The Internet is not a truck! -Ted Stevens
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