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Ronald Reagan 1911-2004 Ray Charles
Why work so hard on a new constitution for Iraq? Just give them ours. We're not using it. We're back  (Cicada)
Brando When Gov. McGreevy said he hated bush I thought he was talking politics
Johnny Ramone 1948-2004 Forget Martha Stewart, go after the real corporate criminals
Tour de Lance Armstrong I survived Charley
Red Sox win World Series! In other news: Ice skaters flock to hell Christopher Reeve 1952-2004
Yasser Arafat For sale: Pacers jersey. Slightly stretched. Some stains. No longer needed. Call Ron Artest (at home)
Um, sorry? Beckham Alex, I'll take "Things Only I Know" for $200
Coming Soon: Martha Stewart Jail Cell Decorations So long, Lennie. Jerry Orbach
The answer: December 1, 2004. What day will nobody watch Jeopardy Wave goodbye
U.S. Tsunami relief: $15 million. Inauguration galas: $30 million. Compassionate conservatism: Priceless. Good night, Johnny
The puck stops here. Feb. 16, 2005 Hunter S. Thompson 1937-2005
What if they cancelled a hockey season and nobody cared? Free Special Ops Cody
I oppose the Bush Social Security scam I support the Bush Social Security agenda
If you like the war in Iraq you'll love Social Security reform He won, get over it!
Just a pawn in the culture war Vote Iraq
Keep Terri alive Let Terri die
The first mark of Iraqi democracy U.S.-sponsored election with high turn-out despite terrorist attacks. S. Vietnam, 1967
New for spring! Martha Stewart ankle bracelets Rest in Peace. Terri Schiavo, March 31, 2005
Read the Downing Street memo. Find it online. Decide for yourself If I plead guilty, can I do my time in Juvenile Hall?
Hunt the Wisconsin cats Save the Wisconsin cats
Iraq, social security, corruption? No, let's focus on steroids in baseball No sir, boss, we ain't gots no rascisms!
They're supposed to use their judgement, Tom, that's why they're called judges! Oh crap! They'll make this a metaphor
John Paul II I think the Pope's death is getting more attention than mine because he had better hats. Mitch Hedberg 1968-2005
First rule of conclave: don't talk about conclave Whutcha say? I used to be a steep rope?
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