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But, on the bright side, The Interview got cancelled Joe Cocker 1944-2014
I can't breathe Now that it's gone let me just say, 2014 was a real jerk
I am Groot Je Suis Charlie
SkyMall bankrupt? Did the demand for overpriced things no one wants dry up? I survived the Blizzard of '15 with no real inconvenience or extra effort
New England Patriots DeflateGate Sure, like that's the worst lie anyone's told about Iraq -Brian Williams
There is no dress Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015
#JeffWeCan Internet Explorer R.I.P 1995-2015
Thanks, Starbucks, for ending racism last week I'm changing my name to Minnesota Jones
Mother of the Year (Baltimore mom) American Idol had a good run followed by 14 tedious runs
B.B.King The thrill is gone May 14, 2015 If those Texas bikers had guns they'd be alive today
The Late Show with David Letterman These FIFA arrests remind me of when all the corrupt bankers who crashed the world economy were jailed
Christopher Lee 1922-2015 Apparently, once you go black, you can go back Rachel Dolezal
USA: 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Champions Charleston June 17, 2015
Let the rcord reflect, Jiggery-pokery _Antonin Scalia The court decision on marriage equality at last frees millions of Americans from being stopped in the street by people with clipboards
How nostalgic, Southern governors vowing to ignore the Supreme Court Oxi
Thanks, Europe, for throwing us a lifeline. -Greece I heart Pluto
United States Cuban diplomatic relations resume Cecil: Shot, skinned, beheded, left to rot. Not by ISIS; by Walter Palmer, DDS.
The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart Ashley Madison: now the #1 dating website for divorced men
Another job lost because of Obamacare (John Boehner) October 21, 2015 Back to the Future Day
Trudeau 13 Novembre
San Bernardino, Dec. 2nd. 355th U.S. Mass Shooting in 2015 Spoiler Alert: Midway through the new Star Wars, the theater manager orders you to "stop playing with your Wookiee"
David Bowie 10 January 2016 Alan Rickman 14 January 2016
Glenn Frey 1948-2016 I don't care if the Zika virus is sexually transmitted, I don't date any mosquitoes
East Coast Blizzard 2016 Jonas Prince 1958–2016
Muhammad Ali 1942-2016 Orlando
Brexit Day 23 June 2016 Brits say FU to EU
Combien plus de larmes? How many more tears? Nice, France - July 14, 2016 Mylan Pharmaceuticals: Sticking it to you since 2007
Arnold Palmer 1929–2016 Leonard Cohen 1934-2016
Mm-mm, enjoy that big serving of Election Rehash this Thanksgiving Black Friday Lives Matter. Don't trample anyone at Walmart
Fidel Castro November 25, 2016 Safetypin
John Glenn #godspeed One sure result of the election... I saved money on holiday gifts for relatives
George Michael 1963-2016 To all who didn't vote for me... Merry Kiss m'ass! (Trump)
Carrie Fisher 1956-2016 Debbie Reynolds December 28, 2016
So tired of 2016 Ringling Bros. Circus closed. Moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Trump lost the popular vote by 3,000,000 and they all marched on Jan. 21st to show him what that looks like Mary Tyler Moore 1936-2017
Rogue Parks Service Twitter account? Really? (Leslie Knopes) Does this plutocracy make my voice sound muffled? (Elizabeth Warren)
Best Picture 2017: Miss Columbia Michael Flynn for Russian Ambassador to the U.S.
Roll over Beethoven and give Chuck Berry some room Now he's presidential
United Airlines: We'll drag you there Roger Moore 1927-2017
Body slam is Republican for no comment Gregg Allman 1947–2017
Despite the constant negative, press covfefe. Press it hard! (Trump) Lordy, I hope there are tapes!
Adam West June 9, 2017 Harry Potter, Twenty Years, 26 June 2017
I wasn't colluding, i was incompetenting! (Donald Trump, Jr.) Repeal & Replace (sank)
I strongly pressed Gorbachev twice about the wall. He vehemently denied there's a wall. Case closed. (Ronald Reagan) Sean Spicer hired as press spokesman for OJ Simpson
Hey, where'd that moochy guy go? Hugh Hefner 1926-2017
Into the Great Wide Open October 2, 2017 (Tom Petty) Thoughts, prayers to people of (Cityname) FBI & Law Enforcement has arrived I'm closely monitoring this sad (event type) (Donald Trump)
I could stay and fight but I'm gonna Flake -Jeff Flake 10/25 Flynn did what? -Donald Trump Jr.
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