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Muhammad Ali 1942-2016 Orlando
Brexit Day 23 June 2016 Brits say FU to EU
Combien plus de larmes? How many more tears? Nice, France - July 14, 2016 Mylan Pharmaceuticals: Sticking it to you since 2007
Arnold Palmer 1929–2016 Leonard Cohen 1934-2016
Stand with Standing Rock. Say NO to the Dakota Access Pipeline Mm-mm, enjoy that big serving of Election Rehash this Thanksgiving
Black Friday Lives Matter. Don't trample anyone at Walmart Fidel Castro November 25, 2016
Safetypin John Glenn #godspeed
One sure result of the election... I saved money on holiday gifts for relatives George Michael 1963-2016
To all who didn't vote for me... Merry Kiss m'ass! (Trump) Carrie Fisher 1956-2016
Debbie Reynolds December 28, 2016 So tired of 2016
Ringling Bros. Circus closed. Moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Trump lost the popular vote by 3,000,000 and they all marched on Jan. 21st to show him what that looks like
Mary Tyler Moore 1936-2017 Rogue Parks Service Twitter account? Really? (Leslie Knopes)
I support the immigration ban - Protect American First I oppose the immigration ban - Shamefully Un-American
Does this plutocracy make my voice sound muffled? (Elizabeth Warren) Best Picture 2017: Miss Columbia
Michael Flynn for Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Here's what needs to be repealed and replaced: (Ryan, Trump, McConnell)
Roll over Beethoven and give Chuck Berry some room Now he's presidential
United Airlines: We'll drag you there Does this plutocracy make my bank account look fatter? (Ivanka Trump)
Roger Moore 1927-2017 Body slam is Republican for no comment
Gregg Allman 1947–2017 Despite the constant negative, press covfefe. Press it hard! (Trump)
Ooops, your Sticker has been encrypted! To decrypt send $50 worth of bitcoin to this address: 772p8MRsdd7E442X33pyT9hT Lordy, I hope there are tapes!
Adam West June 9, 2017 Harry Potter, Twenty Years, 26 June 2017
I wasn't colluding, i was incompetenting! (Donald Trump, Jr.) Repeal & Replace (sank)
I strongly pressed Gorbachev twice about the wall. He vehemently denied there's a wall. Case closed. (Ronald Reagan) Sean Spicer hired as press spokesman for OJ Simpson
Hey, where'd that moochy guy go? Fire people who dishonor America? (Trump)
Hugh Hefner 1926-2017 Into the Great Wide Open October 2, 2017 (Tom Petty)
Thoughts, prayers to people of (Cityname) FBI & Law Enforcement has arrived I'm closely monitoring this sad (event type) (Donald Trump) I could stay and fight but I'm gonna Flake -Jeff Flake 10/25
Flynn did what? -Donald Trump Jr. Oprah 2020
Stop spending every darn penny on booze or women or movies. -Sen. Chuck Grassley Proof we're doomed #4,907: An Omarosa tantrum was a bigger story than the destruction of Net Neutrality
Oprah, this is God. Don't run Dolores O’Riordan 1971-2018
I support fair pay for West Virginia’s teachers Judge gave Martin Shkreli 7 days in prison. Then laughed and increased it to 7 years
Stephen Hawking 3.14.18 Barbara Bush 1925–2018
National School Walkout: Protect Children, not Guns. April 20, 2018 Yes, I paid her ,but only to keep her quiet about an affair we didn’t have (Trump)
If you listen to the Laurel/Yanny meme enough you can hear your wasted life Huzzah! Tax cuts for me, at last! (Mr. Monopoly)
Did I miss the royal wedding?! Why wasn’t there any media coverage?! Koko 1976–2018
An almond doesn't lactate John McCain 1936-2018
Tree of Life Synagogue, October 27, 2018 The news media is inciting hate and violence by reporting all this stuff I say
Grab ‘em by the midterms On November 6th get out and vote  -Taylor Swift
Stan Lee 1922-2018 George H.W. Bush 1924-2018
Live from Washington, it's Tuesday Night! Rejexit!
(Christchurch, New Zealand 15 March 2019) Tristesse (Notre Dame fire)
I was supposed to get nine (Grumpy Cat) And I thought my ending was bad (Grumpy Cat) Game of Thrones
Not the ending I imagined. You? (Theresa May, Cersei) "My time is up." Joe Biden 6/27/19
Thomas Cook-ed Orlando Police Protecting you from 6-year-olds since 2019
Shut up, moron! (Rudy Giuliani) Don Cherry Done Cherry
I’m a little nervous, but excited. I sold the Peloton for $2000 to pay a lawyer. I’m divorcing that manipulative jerk Impeachment. This should go well.
Kids can be persons, too. Greta Thunberg (Time Person of the Year 2019) Ram Dass - December 22, 2019
Terry Jones 1942-2020 Kobe Bryant
“Go debate” they told me. “What could go wrong?” (Michael Bloomberg) Kirk Douglas 1916–2020
Bill Withers 1938–2020
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